Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rain finally Oct

My son is now a cubscouts and is doing really well in it. My husband a new den leader also joined for the first time and has taken to it like a fish to water. We have 10 boys in our den which is one of the biggest ones out of our pack.

Well we have finally been getting some much needed rain out on our farm, though I still feel like we have a bubble around us with only cracks of it letting the rain in its very strange. Dad is doing well next door but he is sick with a cold right now. A cold is no big deal for a lot of us but I worry for my dad because of his age.

We got a few pears this year from our pear trees, our apples fell to the ground and rotted so we didn’t get any apples. Our pecans are slowly following down; we have been trying to find a dry day to go out to the orchard to pick up branches and get some for firewood to some families I know that could use it.

Tom is doing well at work, we are blessed he has a good job where I am able to stay at home even during these tough times. We are going to have a few events happen in the next couple of months. One is our family reunion in my home town coming up this month.
Next is Halloween. Our small town has a great turnout for Halloween each year. The school and one of the Baptist church always has a carnival. Our routine is always to go to sonic for the special deals they always have that day 25cent corn dogs and icecream then we head off to trick or treat. A couple of houses have haunted houses, the fire department gives out candy, even this one house always gives out glow sticks for the kids.

Yes we do this “trick or treating” , no we are not wicked people, and by golly we are still Christian after this day. I find nothing wrong with doing what we did as kids, my daughter and her friend are 16yr and they still love trick or treating and taking her little brother out, we do this as a family. Some say they may be too old but what is too old? Who declares it? I say let them be kids for as long as they can, they have years ahead of them to be grown up.

Anyways we have my family reunion in Oct and I have family flying down from Calif to see us. Then we are off to Vegas for my husbands army reunion. Somewhere in Jan or Feb we are suppose to go sledding and skiing with the kids if we can find a place so if y’all know of a place where we can sled on bunny hills during this time that is close to Texas please let me know.
Chickens are still chickens laying just enough, our sheep we have to bring in every night there is a couger that comes around our area and takes one down if we leave it out I am hoping it will move on. That’s about it for now on the update on our farm.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well we got rid of 22 older sheep at the auction, but didnt get much from them. The only good thing is we got them off the field. Grass is scarce with hardly any rain. 1/2 was the only thing we go in months now.
Sold 6 to customers and will take more to another butcher to be able to resell individual parts. Pecans getting big, rotted ones are dropping, End of Sept they should start to fall.
Its been so hot here its hard to think straight some days even with air conditioning. Tommy passed his swim level 3. Both kids are now in Krav Maga I have been shuffleing things around to try to fit only two days a week to SA.
Hot, Hot, I am melting

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Canning Tomatoes

Canning Tomatoes

These are notes for myself for when I have to process them again

Mistakes and Suggestions:

Make sure kitchen sink and counter are clean not only work space but you need use the sink a lot too. This took the longest time because I didn’t have things cleaned off first.

Make sure to find the right size pans for the quart or pint jars with the wire bottom so they won’t be touching the bottom of pan

Don’t underestimate the size of jar the Quart jars take in a lot! Check the tips of it to make sure not broken and bottoms!

Pan & Lid

Tongs that hold the jar


Don’t use chopping block too messy use bowl so you can use the juice to put in jars that are not that full.

Bag of ice on hand

Start to bowl water for cans when you are done blanching the tomatoes it takes a long time to boil water. You don’t want it boiling when you put it in though because it might crack, needs to be in there as it boils.
Also in jars 2 tablespoons of lemon juice 1 tsp of salt per quart jar.

Takes about 30 seconds or longer to blanch the tomatoes keep an eye on them some take longer than others as it starts to pull away the skin is the best time.

45min for 6/7 quart jars. 12 hours to rest and let pop the lid

Would have liked to add some color

Before sealing the lid put a something in the side of inside of jar to get air out.

You may remove the ring when done if you want, press in the middle to make sure if its sealed and won’t easily come off.

If anyone knows of some kind of colorful herb I can put in the jars without the taste going crazy with it let me know.



**** http://www.pickyourown.org/canning_tomatoes.htm


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The water cure

Farm life: Turkey chicks are doing great, almost chance of rain today but it blew by us so sad just half mile away it rained. Field is going really dry. We really need to cull our sheep but haven’t had the time. Pecans are still looking great!
Garden is doing ok, ants and other bugs are starting to attack it along with the over grown grass its been hard to go out and weed though. I did weed over the rose garden/Herb garden today.

It’s been one week since I started the water cure program with the book, “You’re not sick you’re Thirsty” I wanted to mark this day so I know exactly when I started. In one week Pros: I feel tons better. If I drink two glasses of water before I go outside I don’t have much allergys infact it’s been a week since I have taken any meds for it. My skin feels clearer. I am not eating as much.
Cons: I keep having to go to the bathroom they say its gets better as you go along you won’t have to go as much I hope that is true. My chiropractor gave me these strips to test to see if I am dehydrated; it has certain levels to let you know. Mine wasn’t really bad but I am still dehydrated the same for my kids. My husband was the only one that is doing really well with his water intake.

My sister also took the test and I laughed when she said, “But I just drank water” Your body is like a dry sponge when you’re dehydrated and each time you drink water it’s like only a drop being put into the sponge. It will take many drops to make to fill and heal you. It’s so fascinating the book I found out when you feel thirsty its already too late for your body, which means your body is already in red alert that you needed that water long ago.

Also found out those sensors that try to let us know we are thirsty we usually lose it as we grow older. Which might be the reason why so many people are overweight when they get older the signals get weak and they might think they are hungry not thirsty.

Monday, June 22, 2009

If you look closely you can see the pecans in the leaves hiding. I am so happy most of our trees are full of pecans. Last year these lil babys just fell off one day I was so sad, it looks like its going to be a good pecan year.

This means every morning and night I will have to be out there to pick them. Co-op will be hard to do this year if I don’t get organized. I plan to do 1st-3rd bug science for the co-op and get a lot of my stuff from oriental trading. I wont have more then 12 kids in my class because the kits are 12.

Our garden is doing really nice, I went ahead an mowed this last week, I would do more but its gotten so hot the last few days in the 100's! its brutal to go out. My berry bushes are doing great too I wish they would bloom this year I might have a few but they are young yet.

Going to try to plant some flowers today and order some flower farmer books this upcoming payday I want to learn to flower farm since daughter wants to become a florist and son loves to plant we can be a family business :) Told daughter if we can get some flowers going we can sell them on weekends at fleamarket.

I lost my old cat this week, I think it was cancer we came back she had a lump was still eating but getting skinner then one day she was gone. She was not a loving cat but she was a good momma.

I got to take my son to swimming lessons all this week again so got to leave now.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes I love flea marketing or in this case city wide garage sale finds. Last weekend a town near me had one of these sales. I was so excited I only regret I didn’t have any more money to spend for that day.

I ended up with those two white chairs for $2 for the pair. They match sort of the others ones that I have for my dads dining room/porch . I also got some silverware from an estate going on the same time as the garage sales. The local library was having book sales out front of their library. They were selling $1 a bag, you fill up as much as you can fit in the bags. I filled up 4 bags :) I just love books.

Not much more going on at the ranch right now other then things are growing really well in our gardens right now and we are picking all kinds of salads, collard greens, tomatoes, radishes, it’s not enough to can but enough to eat fresh.

The sheep need to be culled badly we just haven’t had time. Not much grass out there for that many so it’s best we get rid of some of the older ones. The brooder needs to be build but we haven’t had time for that either. Hawks been attacking my chickens again I have lost three so far.

They are getting really smart and brave going into the netting even now to get my chickens. I am attempting to make relish tomorrow we will see how it goes so far buying the cucumbers wasn’t that expensive but the red peppers have put me over my budget on it so I hope it will be worth it. I also have to put away some local corn that I bought from a local farm near us. We don’t grow corn ourselves because it would take up too much space.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gardening coming along

Spent this last month of April $420.40 for a family of four $53.90 was Non food related Personal Household stuff. I saved $82.55 on coupons which brought it down to $283.95. $30.72 was special stuff for Easter. So total came out to $253.23 for the month or $63.30 per week for family of four.

I have a budget of $500 for Food/Household Items/Personal stuff for the month so I did really, really good. Most the stuff I bought also was for stocking up. The $83.55 was the most I have every saved in a month before it sets a record for me. Working on putting a youtube for my briefcase coupon binder but will have to wait till after vacation.

Farm News:

We got most of our watering system in, it was part of my mother's day present :) My tomatoes are doing all really good. Got the fence around the garden too so now the dogs can't come in and wreck havoc keeps most of the cats out too.

We have had a really bad week and half, you know how the saying goes when it rains it poors.

1. Had 30 chickens stolen from coop by someone one night
2. Got a flat had to replce the two front tires.
3. Husband trans had a hole had to replace the whole thing
4. Air Conditioner fan outside broke for our house
5. Air conditioner for my car broke
6. Husband started with migranes really bad so bad had to take him to doctors and pick him up from work.

Good news...well I still have 111 chickens left they were nice enough to close the coop afterwards.
I have two new tires
Husband has a new trans didnt cost as much as they first started.
Air conditioner outside has a new fan at least it didnt happen when we were on vacation
Air conditioner in car not sure whats wrong with it but we will be on vacation while its being fixed...praying its not that much and it should be covered.
I think with Mexico fire burning had something to do with it hopefully it will be over soon.

Our trip to Disney is coming up soon just trying to tie up lose ends and think postive thoughts. I am so happy I have been dreaming of this for years. Kids are excited, hubby is not so much but I know he will have fun once we get there....Hey its better then being at work lol

Hot, hot hot here already and its only May sigh....Wasnt I just whining about the cold? lol

Thursday, April 30, 2009

High Winds

Well its a good thing we didnt have any turkeys in the coop when we had these high winds the other night.

Not much more damage though I was really surprised just small branches from the tree but I think any major branches that was weak had fallen off months ago already.

I have been putting mulch around my garden so of course I can't breath right now its cedar. Trying to get this going before we take off on our week trip to Disney world in May it wont be long now.

We have the plane tickets, the reservation at hotel, the reservation for a car and our tickets for Disney World arrived the other day. I just hope that the swine flu virus goes down before we have to take off.

Not much more going on around here besides we got robbed of 30 chickens a few nights ago. Long story short then came in back pulled pens off of fence ran across the field into my coop and took around 30 of my hens. You can see the truck mark easily on the road. They were nice enough to close the chicken coop again. I wouldnt have known if it wasnt for the fact that my chickens only gave me 23 eggs that day usually I get 50-70 plus eggs a day.

I also noticed that the hens were not roosting on certain roosts in the coop. Usually they have their favorite spots and the ones up front were gone. sigh...

Ahh well not much more I can do I reported it to police, put a lock on door but it wont really keep them out and this time listen to when my neighbors dogs bark. I was so tired that night I heard them bark but was just too tired to go out and look at 2am I wanted to go to bed!

Well speaking of bed.

Thats it for update


Friday, April 17, 2009

April showers

Well we finally got some rain today. As you can see its making everything really green around our farm. Well Easter is finally over we had a really nice party despite the greyness of the day the kids had a good time. I am not sure we are having it next year maybe just the dinner because we had do many people leave to go to another party.

The only reason we started having it was because the family really had no where to go but it seems they do now. Our church has an annual easter party we might just do that instead and a really nice dinner for us.

Not much more going on around here, the sheep are out on the pasture now because it grew the grass a bit. The babys are especially getting fatter. We bought our airline tickets to Disney world for May we are really excited about going. Airline tickets, hotel, tickets to disney world, all we need now is a rental car.

Everything of course is going to be paid cash. We are staying for 6 nights 5 days. One day we are just heading to the beach for the day and have some fun and look around Florida should be fun. One day we are at Magic Kingdom two days at Epcot and the last at the Animal Kingdom.

Doing well with my coupons might be looking for another place to carry coupons the leather one is a bit heavy and awkward to carry.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saved $33.97 in coupons

Above:"Picture of outdoor kitchen that Tom and I loved at the olive Festival we went too last week. Please exuse again the date on pic I can't seem to fix it.

Wow the leaves from our pecan tree's are coming out now its better then looking like a haunted forest! I bought me another black berrie bush they don't seem to be doing so well the others I had planted but the banana ones are really nice looking.

I also bought me a herb plant and another tomatoe plant, you can never have enough tomatoes growing. Last year I had enough for our family but not enough to share I hope to change that this year. I just wish I had more money for it.

HomeSchool Co-op is finally over for the year yah! I love co-op but I really hate these 8 week sessions that the other moms seem to love. They say they can't do enough in the time they have, and I can barily arrange enough stuff to do for the eight weeks. The last day the kids really love because I have a free day, where they can go into my cart of goodies and do what they want. I figure thats what coop is all about having fun with each other thats what counts.

Some of them painted, others played with playdoh a few did puzzles but they mostly blew up a balloon and tossed it around the room, I tell you thats hours of fun hehe. Anyways not sure about next semester but I won't do the spring again, its just too much to do on the farm during this time.

Well I can't wait to show everyone my new coupon briefcase organizer. I am still organizing it but I took it for a test run this last payday shopping and did so well! I liked the way it fit in my cart. I had spent a total of $242.33 this included food, household items and personel stuff. I saved $33.97 in coupons which brought it down to $208.36. I am at the point now where I am stock piling and not just buying food for the week. Thats about $104 per week

We already have all kinds of meat in the freezer, lots of beef from when we bought a half of cow and we had got it at a really good price per pound. Of course we have a lot of lamb too right now. I'am also working on my recipe notebook which I can't wait to show y'all too :)

Well I am off to the flea market to spend on what I saved lol.

Have a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My price Book

Ok it took me a while to do this but I think its the way I want it. I tried putting it in excel but I really didnt like it and I wanted people to download it easily and not everyone has excels. I am going to make a lot of copys and put it in a notebook.

Hopefully I will remember to take it with me when I go grocery shopping.


I had looked at all sorts of videos on price books and other downloadable pricebooks although I got some great ideas I didnt want to use theirs at all I wanted it to go across my list not downwards. There is a nice video one on www.monkeysee.com "Type in Price Book" I tried looking in youtube didnt see any I guess I should add my own.

I had one a few years ago I really liked it and I kept up with it but it didnt feel right going downards on the list. Also the first time I did it I spent two weeks adding things and forgot a major thing to add and that was size.

I also wanted to add date this time around too. I will let you know how it turns out.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Rain Yes we got some

We finally got some rain it wasn’t much it was very light and only 1 inch but boy did the plants love it! I recently planted some tomatoes plants at least the dog can’t dig them up because they have the tomatoes cage protecting them. I planted my blackberries too but two of them don’t look so good when I had planted them so I hope I saved them. I am scared to plant anything else till Tom can get the fence in for me to keep the dogs out.

I also bought some banana plants on the craigs listing from someone who was selling them. I think I got a good price for them $10 each and she threw in two extra for free. Toms been busy on the farm, since we finally got some rain he finally went to our burn pit and burned that with some old lumber we had piled up, we have to do it while the burn ban was lifted.

He also threw some lime on the field that mixed with the sheep and chicken manure should get it growing if we can get some more rain. This week seems to be another busy week with milk/egg run speech therapist tutoring and I really have to hit our favorite thrift store and get some more outfits for church. Tommy is already outgrown everything I had bought him last and Miranda needs a few more outfits and myself included.

We had went to a new Goodwill the other day because my daughter wanted to see if she could pick up something for her costume for the Culture fair this coming week for her Girl Scouts. We ended up finding a dress blouse to go over it and some awesome roman looking sandals. It cost $21 including tax but that was a good bargain but I could have gotten a better deal at the Texas Thrift Shop.

We had just went in that store because it was closer and brand new we wanted to check it out, I think things are way too expensive and even though they do color coordinate the clothes it’s frustrating because it’s not by size like they do at the Texas Thrift store. I think it saves me time other people may think otherwise.

Been working hard on my coupons and I wanted to show you my little youtube I did.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why do we do this?

This is where most peoples chickens come from at a store

Well we have around 34 lambs the last count I had did and 7 didn’t make it because of either complications or the mother rejected them. I tried to save one of them with some special milk from my next door neighbor but after 3 days of trying to keep it alive and getting up every 4 hours to feed it, it just didn’t make it.

It died in my daughters friends arms she was trying to feed it she was devastated about it. I didn’t want to put my kids through that again, plus we had lost so much sleep. Some of my family don't seem to understand that nature will keep the strong and the weak will not survive its just the way nature works.

They don't understand that we need the genetics from the stronger sheep, why would we want to keep weak sheep in our herd?
They wanted me to go out there every day to try to save any that were rejected, they say why have them if I am not going to go out there and save them all? Sigh....One of the ones they wanted me to save they kept telling me to go after it because the mother hadnt claimed it yet. After a few hours she finally did what would have happened if I took it from her overreacting?

My family/friends have a kind heart I don't blame them at one time in my life I might have been like that too, especially when I had the energy.
However when you become a farmer/rancher you see a lot of births and deaths and you have to know the difference between pets and food. Do people actually think their meats grow on trees? At least we try to be humane about it and give them a good life till its time to butcher a lot better then the factory animals.

It’s hard for outsiders to understand our life, they think we are a hobby farm, just doing it for a hobby. I try over and over to explain to them but they don’t seem to understand, they won’t eat a chicken egg from my chickens because ....well I don’t know ...I guess the chicken in the factory who has never seen natural light and its beak is chopped off and injected with who knows what to keep from getting diseases is a much taster egg ???
They just don't want to really know where the food comes from...or they might say...well let someone else do it why do you have too?

They want me to over feed them, To give them more food then what the experts say to give them. This gives us a profit how by over feeding them so they won’t breed because they are too fat? Then there is the people who really understand our way of life that we have been doing for over 8yrs now, the ones that buy our products the ones that come to our farm once a year to show their kids where food comes from, the ones that care what goes into their body’s.

I have to keep remembering these people most I see seasonally except for like my eggs. The people who get my egg are always so thrilled, each week as I clean the many many eggs I get I think why am I doing this? Then I see the smiling faces of my customers coming from miles to get my eggs and products telling me how thankful they are for me doing this because not many do.
I smile yah it’s worth it

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feburary at the ranch 2009

Our hay we bought locally for sheep/goats small pic sorry

Quote for the day:

"We are all cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out." -Ray Bradbury

Well its dry here on our ranch, so dry the grass is dying whats left of it, there is no leaves on the trees either so its pretty depressing. Tom and I had a chance recently to maybe by a 21 acre piece of land near us it was beautiful coastal land near the canal but we turned it down.

Greedly we have always wanted more land but when it comes down to it we are only 60,000 left on our own property our payments are only around $650.00 a month and its worth $250 thousand if not more in the future when the realesate goes back up so do we want to add more on to our debt?

Recently we read a book called, "Ten acres is enough" and we got really inspired on what he did on his little 10 acres and we thought, "hey we got 5 more acres then he does plus a pecan orchard we can do the same thing"

So instead we decided on trying to focus on building up our land here instead which I think is a good plan who needs to get more in debt especially right now. We were blessed this year to get a bonus and a 2% raise for my husband. I was just happy that he has a job now with so many around us losing them we were tickled to get it.

Recently I have heard of two people that I know that may be losing their houses, both didnt make wise choices the last few years in their financial life and they know this..., I feel so guilty that we are doing so well now and that in May we are planning a real vacation something we really havent done in years.

I feel like the ant and the grasshopper, while this May we are going to go off on a week vacation up to disney world with the kids and fly up there, they may be losing their houses. In the past three years we have scraped and sacrifised to get where we are now. I am so blessed that we heard about Dave Ramsey back then so we wont be hurting so bad now with our budget. I feel so guilty I dont even like telling them about our plans about our happiness about finally able to do this with my family.

This is the first time in years that we are getting a bonus from his work and our income tax return that we can use it on ourselfs instead of putting it towards our debt. We plan not only to go to Disney world, but also to get a new fridge and a new bed for our aching backs. The rest goes to fixing up our farm and adding to our emergency fund of 6/9 months worth of savings.

Of course we are doing this as frugal as possible even though we dont have too old habits stick with us. We are going to compare shop for our items (bed/fridge) and we are looking for the best airline tickets up there to Orlando which I found for $99 one way what a deal! Of course Disneys is offering a great deal buy 4 nights up there and get three for free!

I guess this is the best time to get discounts and buy things because of the economy sales are good for us at least. The craig listing is wonderful right now so many things for sale that people are getting rid of right now to get some extra cash. We picked up a huge chest freezer usually around $400-$500 for $130.00 it was brand new still it just stunk hehe we cleaned out with bleach smells good now.

We recently bought some beef (half a cow) for $1.99 a lb how good is that and it was pastured raised too. Right now our freezer is full of turkey, lamb and beef. Getting a generator is another thing on our list to do for the ranch.

I feel so happy I want to shout to family and friends of our accomplishments but I keep quiet because most our hurting really badly right now I really pray things would get better for everyone.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Water Water and More Water

Great article "Healing with water" http://www.naturalnews.com/003202.html I actually have one of the books he mentions. Its a hard read but lots of interesting points. I ordered one more of his so I hope its an easier read.

If I drink juice I only drink like 8 oz same for milk. I have been drining a lot of water. If I go out I ask for half/half sweet tea. Hopefully someday i will cut out the sweet part. The first week I couldnt stop going to the bathroom lol but now its a lot better the girls from walkertracker said it would get better they were not wrong.

Makes a lot of sense the water study. I am two days into my week three since I have started to do my new life style of losing weight by eating better and exercising by walking more. Week three is when I start to slow down get tired of it all, but so far so good I feel great, I feel like I lost tons but in reality if you count during Thanksgiving when I started following Pauls Advice I have lost a total of 9 lbs.

I sure don't look like it but I do see the puffiness in my face gone and my clothes do seem to fit a lot better. My two sisters on the other hand who are following the weight watchers plan the first week one loses a lot like 8 lbs the other like 6 lbs. I am happy for them I wish I could lose more then the little 2 lbs I lost the first week and 1 lb the next but its a good progress and I am not really counting points just eating normal. As I told the nurse who runs my walking program, "its not the quality of food I eat it was the quantity of food I eat"

For over a year now since I started writing my ebook I have switched to better foods for my family. Wheat products, more veggies and fruits in our diet. I keep track of what I eat seeing what the calories are at "Sparks page" but I am not too worried about the calories as long as I eat slow and chew and enjoy.

My walking is doing good I'am keeping with my goal of 10,000 steps a day. If you can see by my walker tracker blog on the side of this page my average is actually 11,000 a day. At 10,000 thats five miles a day. I have gone to the work out class in our nearby town where they work as a group to a video Monday and Thursday. Its fun but the last time I went no one was there but the nurse teacher. Today I didnt go time flew by but I did work out with my daughter. Its good muscle class I think daughter wants to do it more often so I just might.

Sisters want me to switch to weight watchers they keep asking me about it. I know they are excited about it. Perhaps they think I should lose more then what I am losing but its fine really. I am feeding not only myself but my family as well, this is a perm change for all of us. I can't be eating lean cruisine like they are for ever. No they don't eat this all the time I note this because they might yell at me if they read this blog hahaha. Its just that I have others I have to feed and I need to do it right. Besides its great for my future ebook.

My scale sort of broke the other day it got stuck I was wondering why it wasnt moving lol. Of course I got a nice new digital one and it put me 5 lbs more then I thought. Of course with hubby he is excited it put him slimmer then he thought.

It was a shock to me my 5 extra pounds but its not like I gained it when I started this life style change its just that I didnt take an accurate reading in the first place. So this Sunday when I weight myself I might have lost more then 1 lb but who knows. I will have at least an accurate reading next Sunday plus I measured my self too.

Farm Life:

3 born new lambs. One lost so it would have been 4
Kids registration for co-op this coming Monday
Walking 5 miles 10,000 steps a day still

Monday, January 5, 2009

Reality check on Winter

Some people really love winter the coolness, the leaves all fallen down, the grey puffy clouds laying on the sofa near a cozy fire, curled up in a blanket drinking hot cocoa :)

I am not one of them. The coolness makes me shiver and I hate putting on extra clothes to stay warm and I dont have enough time to get used to it not that I ever would I don't think.... I lived in Germany for almost 3 years and I didnt get used to it.

I remember shivering so hard my back ached. As for the puffy grey clouds its just really gloomy to me, my sun is gone. My sun that gives me energy when I face it letting it warm my face and my whole body. I miss my sun.

And as far as laying curled up in a blanket, reality check is I have to go out in the cold to check on the animals, I have to walk I don't have time to curl up and drink cocoa and I dont have a fire place. Down around here you want airconditioning to survive :)

I am sure there is many that thrive in the winter coolness more power to you thats why you live there and I live here :) People not used to the heat that live here sort of melt like the witch in the wizard of oz "I am melting!!!!! hehe

Update on Homelife:

Hubby back to work he was really sick this Christmas with a cold congestion and cough. Kids and I started to get it but we fought it off with rest and garlic tablets!

Kids are starting up their homework today again.

My house is still in shambles. I have Christmas boxes waiting to be put back in shed but its too fricken cold to do that yet so it stays in my hallway

Animals need more hay

Need to decide on what to do for Randy and Toms birthday coming up in Feb. I have an idea it just needs some research.

New baby lamb born new years day-Its a girl!

1st week of walking is going good. I lost 2 lbs for weigh in Sunday