Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rain finally Oct

My son is now a cubscouts and is doing really well in it. My husband a new den leader also joined for the first time and has taken to it like a fish to water. We have 10 boys in our den which is one of the biggest ones out of our pack.

Well we have finally been getting some much needed rain out on our farm, though I still feel like we have a bubble around us with only cracks of it letting the rain in its very strange. Dad is doing well next door but he is sick with a cold right now. A cold is no big deal for a lot of us but I worry for my dad because of his age.

We got a few pears this year from our pear trees, our apples fell to the ground and rotted so we didn’t get any apples. Our pecans are slowly following down; we have been trying to find a dry day to go out to the orchard to pick up branches and get some for firewood to some families I know that could use it.

Tom is doing well at work, we are blessed he has a good job where I am able to stay at home even during these tough times. We are going to have a few events happen in the next couple of months. One is our family reunion in my home town coming up this month.
Next is Halloween. Our small town has a great turnout for Halloween each year. The school and one of the Baptist church always has a carnival. Our routine is always to go to sonic for the special deals they always have that day 25cent corn dogs and icecream then we head off to trick or treat. A couple of houses have haunted houses, the fire department gives out candy, even this one house always gives out glow sticks for the kids.

Yes we do this “trick or treating” , no we are not wicked people, and by golly we are still Christian after this day. I find nothing wrong with doing what we did as kids, my daughter and her friend are 16yr and they still love trick or treating and taking her little brother out, we do this as a family. Some say they may be too old but what is too old? Who declares it? I say let them be kids for as long as they can, they have years ahead of them to be grown up.

Anyways we have my family reunion in Oct and I have family flying down from Calif to see us. Then we are off to Vegas for my husbands army reunion. Somewhere in Jan or Feb we are suppose to go sledding and skiing with the kids if we can find a place so if y’all know of a place where we can sled on bunny hills during this time that is close to Texas please let me know.
Chickens are still chickens laying just enough, our sheep we have to bring in every night there is a couger that comes around our area and takes one down if we leave it out I am hoping it will move on. That’s about it for now on the update on our farm.