Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My price Book

Ok it took me a while to do this but I think its the way I want it. I tried putting it in excel but I really didnt like it and I wanted people to download it easily and not everyone has excels. I am going to make a lot of copys and put it in a notebook.

Hopefully I will remember to take it with me when I go grocery shopping.

I had looked at all sorts of videos on price books and other downloadable pricebooks although I got some great ideas I didnt want to use theirs at all I wanted it to go across my list not downwards. There is a nice video one on "Type in Price Book" I tried looking in youtube didnt see any I guess I should add my own.

I had one a few years ago I really liked it and I kept up with it but it didnt feel right going downards on the list. Also the first time I did it I spent two weeks adding things and forgot a major thing to add and that was size.

I also wanted to add date this time around too. I will let you know how it turns out.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Rain Yes we got some

We finally got some rain it wasn’t much it was very light and only 1 inch but boy did the plants love it! I recently planted some tomatoes plants at least the dog can’t dig them up because they have the tomatoes cage protecting them. I planted my blackberries too but two of them don’t look so good when I had planted them so I hope I saved them. I am scared to plant anything else till Tom can get the fence in for me to keep the dogs out.

I also bought some banana plants on the craigs listing from someone who was selling them. I think I got a good price for them $10 each and she threw in two extra for free. Toms been busy on the farm, since we finally got some rain he finally went to our burn pit and burned that with some old lumber we had piled up, we have to do it while the burn ban was lifted.

He also threw some lime on the field that mixed with the sheep and chicken manure should get it growing if we can get some more rain. This week seems to be another busy week with milk/egg run speech therapist tutoring and I really have to hit our favorite thrift store and get some more outfits for church. Tommy is already outgrown everything I had bought him last and Miranda needs a few more outfits and myself included.

We had went to a new Goodwill the other day because my daughter wanted to see if she could pick up something for her costume for the Culture fair this coming week for her Girl Scouts. We ended up finding a dress blouse to go over it and some awesome roman looking sandals. It cost $21 including tax but that was a good bargain but I could have gotten a better deal at the Texas Thrift Shop.

We had just went in that store because it was closer and brand new we wanted to check it out, I think things are way too expensive and even though they do color coordinate the clothes it’s frustrating because it’s not by size like they do at the Texas Thrift store. I think it saves me time other people may think otherwise.

Been working hard on my coupons and I wanted to show you my little youtube I did.