Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Future Aquaponics

Well we finally got started on our aquaponics system by cutting the barrels in half. Tom's been on the look out on our farm to find wood laying around to use for the stand for the barrels.

I can't wait to get this system up and running. I really want to grow lettuce in it since its so dangerious to buy it from the stores lately cause of contamination. The idea of fresh fish too is a big plus.

Well not much going on farm. We could really use some rain. We are in stage one of restriction in San Antonio for water usage. Dosent affect us here but it just goes to show you how dry we are up here.

The canal people have decided to build a canal on our property to get to my neighbors house that has about 11 acres...1 acre is the it seems a big deal just to put a lil water on their field. Not much we can do about it, can't really fight the goverment and thats what the BMA is...our lawyer told us to just work with them if we thats what we are doing for now.

They orginally wanted to put the canal smack in the middle of our field but that would have blocked us off from getting to our other side of the field, not an option and we would fight it then I am pretty sure.

Most of my family been in the hospital in and out all this last month. It has to be a record for my family its so strange...Whats the saying, "When it rain it pours" I lost my voice during the process of my family being in and out. Just really tired plus trying to keep up with farm work and homeschooling the same time.

I got us another male goat. He's name is Alfie I will write about him when I get a picture. Thats about it for now. I am going to my first coupon club today I am hoping it will be fun and helpful for my collection of coupons I am starting again. Maybe make some new friends will be really nice too.

Have a great week everyone


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aquaponics weekend

A few months ago we did an introduction aquaponics class. A few weeks ago hubby got the stuff to make our own so we decided this time to take a hands on class on it by the same guy that did the introduction class.

It was taught at a local farm near us so it worked out really well, the aquaponics system is going to be a learning tool for some disabled kids on a farm. It took more then 9hrs with a few people working but we finally finished it up.

I can't wait to start ours but we have a long way to go with only two of us making it and hubby of course has his own ideas on making his own. We plan to put fish in it, not sure which kind, I perfer perch.