Thursday, September 9, 2010

My daughter Miranda, my son Tommy and great nephew Le'on

This little boy was born this week. He is number 11 of my great nephews. With five older sisters in my family I was bound to become an aunt at an early age. I think I became an aunt at around 5yrs old. One of my nieces ended up being more of a sister to me then me being her aunt.
She calls me Auntie Samanthie most the others Aunt Sam.

I have to this date. 13 nieces, 7 nephews, 19 great nieces, 11 great nephews and one great, great nephew, this is not counting my own two kids which are the youngest of the nephews & nieces in my family. Funny but my kids are growing up with the great nieces and nephews.

Yes my family is very large. When we have thanksgiving at my house my whole living room is full of them, I have to move the sofa’s and everything out of my house just to fit everyone. One of my dreams is to have a large enough living room to fit even more.

Most of my family is here but I still have a few left behind in California where I was born but NOT raised. I have one niece in Virginia along with some great nieces and nephews. My family is so large once long ago as my husband and I drove out of Texas to go see his family in Washington state he commented on how large my family is and if we were in trouble with a flat tire someone from my family could help us no matter where we were, I just laughed.

About an hour later we pulled into a truck stop out in the middle of no where and a huge truck honked at us as we drove in, it happened to be one of my Uncles. I come from a long line of truckers and military family. My husband just looked at me and laughed. I had to agree then, that yes I do have a large family.

This is not even counting my own uncles, aunts, cousins and my husband’s side of the family, with his family we add on more nieces and nephews to our already large clan.

One of my dear friends said once your family is like a big Mexican soap Opera you should write a book about them. I just laugh, yah we have a lot of drama with a big family but with this large of a family what do you expect? The Brady bunch? Even they fought.

I asked my daughter once if she wouldn’t mind having Christmas instead in the mountains of Idaho or Washington for once, her reply was, “And miss being with all my cousins on this day are you kidding?”Guess that answers on how much we love our family.