Thursday, April 30, 2009

High Winds

Well its a good thing we didnt have any turkeys in the coop when we had these high winds the other night.

Not much more damage though I was really surprised just small branches from the tree but I think any major branches that was weak had fallen off months ago already.

I have been putting mulch around my garden so of course I can't breath right now its cedar. Trying to get this going before we take off on our week trip to Disney world in May it wont be long now.

We have the plane tickets, the reservation at hotel, the reservation for a car and our tickets for Disney World arrived the other day. I just hope that the swine flu virus goes down before we have to take off.

Not much more going on around here besides we got robbed of 30 chickens a few nights ago. Long story short then came in back pulled pens off of fence ran across the field into my coop and took around 30 of my hens. You can see the truck mark easily on the road. They were nice enough to close the chicken coop again. I wouldnt have known if it wasnt for the fact that my chickens only gave me 23 eggs that day usually I get 50-70 plus eggs a day.

I also noticed that the hens were not roosting on certain roosts in the coop. Usually they have their favorite spots and the ones up front were gone. sigh...

Ahh well not much more I can do I reported it to police, put a lock on door but it wont really keep them out and this time listen to when my neighbors dogs bark. I was so tired that night I heard them bark but was just too tired to go out and look at 2am I wanted to go to bed!

Well speaking of bed.

Thats it for update


Friday, April 17, 2009

April showers

Well we finally got some rain today. As you can see its making everything really green around our farm. Well Easter is finally over we had a really nice party despite the greyness of the day the kids had a good time. I am not sure we are having it next year maybe just the dinner because we had do many people leave to go to another party.

The only reason we started having it was because the family really had no where to go but it seems they do now. Our church has an annual easter party we might just do that instead and a really nice dinner for us.

Not much more going on around here, the sheep are out on the pasture now because it grew the grass a bit. The babys are especially getting fatter. We bought our airline tickets to Disney world for May we are really excited about going. Airline tickets, hotel, tickets to disney world, all we need now is a rental car.

Everything of course is going to be paid cash. We are staying for 6 nights 5 days. One day we are just heading to the beach for the day and have some fun and look around Florida should be fun. One day we are at Magic Kingdom two days at Epcot and the last at the Animal Kingdom.

Doing well with my coupons might be looking for another place to carry coupons the leather one is a bit heavy and awkward to carry.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saved $33.97 in coupons

Above:"Picture of outdoor kitchen that Tom and I loved at the olive Festival we went too last week. Please exuse again the date on pic I can't seem to fix it.

Wow the leaves from our pecan tree's are coming out now its better then looking like a haunted forest! I bought me another black berrie bush they don't seem to be doing so well the others I had planted but the banana ones are really nice looking.

I also bought me a herb plant and another tomatoe plant, you can never have enough tomatoes growing. Last year I had enough for our family but not enough to share I hope to change that this year. I just wish I had more money for it.

HomeSchool Co-op is finally over for the year yah! I love co-op but I really hate these 8 week sessions that the other moms seem to love. They say they can't do enough in the time they have, and I can barily arrange enough stuff to do for the eight weeks. The last day the kids really love because I have a free day, where they can go into my cart of goodies and do what they want. I figure thats what coop is all about having fun with each other thats what counts.

Some of them painted, others played with playdoh a few did puzzles but they mostly blew up a balloon and tossed it around the room, I tell you thats hours of fun hehe. Anyways not sure about next semester but I won't do the spring again, its just too much to do on the farm during this time.

Well I can't wait to show everyone my new coupon briefcase organizer. I am still organizing it but I took it for a test run this last payday shopping and did so well! I liked the way it fit in my cart. I had spent a total of $242.33 this included food, household items and personel stuff. I saved $33.97 in coupons which brought it down to $208.36. I am at the point now where I am stock piling and not just buying food for the week. Thats about $104 per week

We already have all kinds of meat in the freezer, lots of beef from when we bought a half of cow and we had got it at a really good price per pound. Of course we have a lot of lamb too right now. I'am also working on my recipe notebook which I can't wait to show y'all too :)

Well I am off to the flea market to spend on what I saved lol.

Have a wonderful weekend