Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saved $33.97 in coupons

Above:"Picture of outdoor kitchen that Tom and I loved at the olive Festival we went too last week. Please exuse again the date on pic I can't seem to fix it.

Wow the leaves from our pecan tree's are coming out now its better then looking like a haunted forest! I bought me another black berrie bush they don't seem to be doing so well the others I had planted but the banana ones are really nice looking.

I also bought me a herb plant and another tomatoe plant, you can never have enough tomatoes growing. Last year I had enough for our family but not enough to share I hope to change that this year. I just wish I had more money for it.

HomeSchool Co-op is finally over for the year yah! I love co-op but I really hate these 8 week sessions that the other moms seem to love. They say they can't do enough in the time they have, and I can barily arrange enough stuff to do for the eight weeks. The last day the kids really love because I have a free day, where they can go into my cart of goodies and do what they want. I figure thats what coop is all about having fun with each other thats what counts.

Some of them painted, others played with playdoh a few did puzzles but they mostly blew up a balloon and tossed it around the room, I tell you thats hours of fun hehe. Anyways not sure about next semester but I won't do the spring again, its just too much to do on the farm during this time.

Well I can't wait to show everyone my new coupon briefcase organizer. I am still organizing it but I took it for a test run this last payday shopping and did so well! I liked the way it fit in my cart. I had spent a total of $242.33 this included food, household items and personel stuff. I saved $33.97 in coupons which brought it down to $208.36. I am at the point now where I am stock piling and not just buying food for the week. Thats about $104 per week

We already have all kinds of meat in the freezer, lots of beef from when we bought a half of cow and we had got it at a really good price per pound. Of course we have a lot of lamb too right now. I'am also working on my recipe notebook which I can't wait to show y'all too :)

Well I am off to the flea market to spend on what I saved lol.

Have a wonderful weekend

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Becky said...

Great job on the couponing!