Saturday, November 29, 2008

History Links

Here are my favorite History Links

History Links

Growth of a Nation this is a must see for all parents and kids my favorite

Some pay sites: Free trial

History Link.Org

History Net

Best History websites

Civil war for Kids

Digital History

Maps of early America (has an annoying popup)
Eyewitness to History

History Channel

Famous Moments in Early American history


Audio clips history

American Presidents

President hall

American Time line

Time line of American Revolution

Declaration of Independence

Talking History

The above are my favorites but if you are looking for something specific like World War, Civil war, Jewish or Black History try the link below its one of my favorites too.

Classroom favorites

Please post me a msg if you have a favorite too so I can add it thanks!



familieshavingfun said...

Great websites. This will definitely help my children and other children that, I know. Thank you for posting these website links. Mom of 8 in Texas.

Mocomi Ani said...
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Mocomi Ani said...

Nice collection of history links for kids. This may also go along well:

Joshua Sweatt said...

Just stumbled upon your site....awesome resource. I would like to respectfully add another site for the U.S. Presidents. The US Presidents List highlights our nations most historic men and there responsibilities to include being the commander-in-chief of the military and leading the nation with the largest economy.