Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New ideas on the farm

Well isnt that a niffty idea I thought to use on my compost pit when we re build it. We are using cinder blocks for a compost pit but recently we need to movie it. In the past I have put herb plants on top of it but they always dry up or fall down this is a great idea!

This Weekend marks mothersday weekend. For a present I told hubby I wanted him to finish making the aquaponics center. I just can't wait to have it done to start growing things in it.

Not much going on at the farm. We still havent gotten rain and the fires have started. This one started yesterday due to a faulty wire system on the electric companys part. It burned down a few acres across the canal from us and burned down 3 of his much needed hay bales.

The scary part was it was close to 3 small oil wells you can see them on the left hand side. The other day we got 40% chance of rain we were soooo hopeful then nothing :(

On to happier things I have taken up couponing again. I joined a club in San Antonio to keep me motivated. Already I have saved and gotten so many freebies. I am hoping to start up a swap book at our local libaries. Two of the libaries loved the idea and the one I love the most said, "No" they don't have the room. I think I caught the libarian on a bad day :( well her loss and that community it seems.

Still doing cubscouts infact Friday night we have another meeting. Tom my hubby just finished up a camping training session. The cubscouts have done a lot for my husband and my son I am so glad we got into it. They have bonded closer I think.

Talked to my beef man the other day, he dosent have any calfs right now :( but hopefully in the winter he will have some, by then I will be out of beef so its good to restock up my freezer. I ordered 5 broilers from a local chicken producer but it kills me that we havent done R own. Tom would need to fix up a moveable coop the old ones we have could not hold them.

I also need to order new chicken layers but it cost money and we just dont have the extra right now especially right after the huge Easter party we had.