Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Water Water and More Water

Great article "Healing with water" http://www.naturalnews.com/003202.html I actually have one of the books he mentions. Its a hard read but lots of interesting points. I ordered one more of his so I hope its an easier read.

If I drink juice I only drink like 8 oz same for milk. I have been drining a lot of water. If I go out I ask for half/half sweet tea. Hopefully someday i will cut out the sweet part. The first week I couldnt stop going to the bathroom lol but now its a lot better the girls from walkertracker said it would get better they were not wrong.

Makes a lot of sense the water study. I am two days into my week three since I have started to do my new life style of losing weight by eating better and exercising by walking more. Week three is when I start to slow down get tired of it all, but so far so good I feel great, I feel like I lost tons but in reality if you count during Thanksgiving when I started following Pauls Advice I have lost a total of 9 lbs.

I sure don't look like it but I do see the puffiness in my face gone and my clothes do seem to fit a lot better. My two sisters on the other hand who are following the weight watchers plan the first week one loses a lot like 8 lbs the other like 6 lbs. I am happy for them I wish I could lose more then the little 2 lbs I lost the first week and 1 lb the next but its a good progress and I am not really counting points just eating normal. As I told the nurse who runs my walking program, "its not the quality of food I eat it was the quantity of food I eat"

For over a year now since I started writing my ebook I have switched to better foods for my family. Wheat products, more veggies and fruits in our diet. I keep track of what I eat seeing what the calories are at "Sparks page" but I am not too worried about the calories as long as I eat slow and chew and enjoy.

My walking is doing good I'am keeping with my goal of 10,000 steps a day. If you can see by my walker tracker blog on the side of this page my average is actually 11,000 a day. At 10,000 thats five miles a day. I have gone to the work out class in our nearby town where they work as a group to a video Monday and Thursday. Its fun but the last time I went no one was there but the nurse teacher. Today I didnt go time flew by but I did work out with my daughter. Its good muscle class I think daughter wants to do it more often so I just might.

Sisters want me to switch to weight watchers they keep asking me about it. I know they are excited about it. Perhaps they think I should lose more then what I am losing but its fine really. I am feeding not only myself but my family as well, this is a perm change for all of us. I can't be eating lean cruisine like they are for ever. No they don't eat this all the time I note this because they might yell at me if they read this blog hahaha. Its just that I have others I have to feed and I need to do it right. Besides its great for my future ebook.

My scale sort of broke the other day it got stuck I was wondering why it wasnt moving lol. Of course I got a nice new digital one and it put me 5 lbs more then I thought. Of course with hubby he is excited it put him slimmer then he thought.

It was a shock to me my 5 extra pounds but its not like I gained it when I started this life style change its just that I didnt take an accurate reading in the first place. So this Sunday when I weight myself I might have lost more then 1 lb but who knows. I will have at least an accurate reading next Sunday plus I measured my self too.

Farm Life:

3 born new lambs. One lost so it would have been 4
Kids registration for co-op this coming Monday
Walking 5 miles 10,000 steps a day still

Monday, January 5, 2009

Reality check on Winter

Some people really love winter the coolness, the leaves all fallen down, the grey puffy clouds laying on the sofa near a cozy fire, curled up in a blanket drinking hot cocoa :)

I am not one of them. The coolness makes me shiver and I hate putting on extra clothes to stay warm and I dont have enough time to get used to it not that I ever would I don't think.... I lived in Germany for almost 3 years and I didnt get used to it.

I remember shivering so hard my back ached. As for the puffy grey clouds its just really gloomy to me, my sun is gone. My sun that gives me energy when I face it letting it warm my face and my whole body. I miss my sun.

And as far as laying curled up in a blanket, reality check is I have to go out in the cold to check on the animals, I have to walk I don't have time to curl up and drink cocoa and I dont have a fire place. Down around here you want airconditioning to survive :)

I am sure there is many that thrive in the winter coolness more power to you thats why you live there and I live here :) People not used to the heat that live here sort of melt like the witch in the wizard of oz "I am melting!!!!! hehe

Update on Homelife:

Hubby back to work he was really sick this Christmas with a cold congestion and cough. Kids and I started to get it but we fought it off with rest and garlic tablets!

Kids are starting up their homework today again.

My house is still in shambles. I have Christmas boxes waiting to be put back in shed but its too fricken cold to do that yet so it stays in my hallway

Animals need more hay

Need to decide on what to do for Randy and Toms birthday coming up in Feb. I have an idea it just needs some research.

New baby lamb born new years day-Its a girl!

1st week of walking is going good. I lost 2 lbs for weigh in Sunday