Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Little piggie went to the market

I've had in the past animals that were picky mostly my cats but I swear these pigs are the ultimate queen and kings of being picky. I've tried all the pig feed that they have at the feed store for pigs and they turn their nose up at it., preferring only slop from inside our house & corn.  My husband said, they will get hungry they will eat it, NOPE instead they break out of their pen and escape.

One day we came home to find the dogs and pigs greeting us at the front gate..sigh.. so husband bought some strong fencing and fenced in half the field that needed to be fenced still, for awhile they were really happy, tearing up the fenced in area grass & tilling our land for us, then they started to escape again, not only that they ignore us as we try to get them back in the pen.

I thought goats were bad, I keep having to mend in the fence, they knocked over the electric fence we had up so its full of mud now & hubby hasnt had the time to put it back up. We measured them unfortunately they are not ready for the market yet :(  I did manage to find some feed, its a mesh of oat, wheat, milo, corn all mixed in one, I have added corn to it and some dog food cuz they seem to really like the dog food mix it all with water. The feed seems to be working now, I just wish I could put them in the field again so they can pasture range.

I admit they sort of scare me and the nose they make is like a dino calling its freaky. I have no qualms what so ever taking them to the market. Lesson learned on raising pigs, we plan to raise more but not sure on raising them for breeding we will see.

http://homesicktexan.blogspot.com/2008/05/how-to-render-lard.html this is a good recipe for rendering pork fat. I can't wait!! also for the pecans and pork chops!