Monday, July 24, 2017

A Sugar Free Life Style.

This is to keep track of my new toxin free way of eating.

This is a combo of Sugar free diet, Intermittent diet. and what they call Paleo and Keto diet. Mostly meats, fats, veggies and some fruit. No processed foods! No calorie counting. Chewing slowly, Drinking lots of Alkaline water. Eating between the hours of 10am and 7pm only.

My name is Samantha and I am a sugaroholic, a lot of people have no idea they are sugar addicted I didnt. First week your off of it if you go cold turkey like I did the first time, you get flu like symptoms from the withdrawals its that bad, you get the shakes, headaches, your body feels like crap, you sweat and you will do almost anything for some sugar, you dream about it, you will want it so bad a lot cant make it the first week without cheating a bit. Just one more piece they say it can't hurt, can't be rude need to eat some birthday cake. All processed foods are made with sugar even milk. If you can't go one day, without some kind of sugar without thinking I can't wait till tomorrow to get my soda, coffee with sugar are sugaroholic.

Since I was a kid my father wanted something sweet way into the night after dinner, ice cream with peaches, sugar cereal bowl what ever my mom could make, I grew up I had to have dessert at night. It came to a point in my life where if I didnt have something with sugar on it, my body would start to shake my face would feel dumb, almost a paralyzed state of not being able to move a bit in my facial features felt like I was having a stroke, I asked the doctor about it, maybe I was having a heart stroke? Nope...diabetic? since it runs in my family, nope that wasn't it. Found out after being off sugar after two weeks it was just my body going thru withdrawals wanting more sugar. Always felt better for a bit after having some sugar substance, then it would happen again a vicious circle. My knees were going out on me cuz of my weight, if I kept on the weight I would eventually need knee surgery I just knew it they ached so bad in the cold weather.. Not being able to do things with my family like walk fast in my daughters campus to keep up with everyone was embarrassing to me. Not being able to ride a bike with my son was disappointing, I used to love riding bikes. I love to swim but I am just to tired. Worried that I might not fit in an airline seat, worried if I fell down could you get back up without help. Feeling young but your body feeling so old. Yah that was me.


Prior two weeks b4 I started, I started to cut down on sugars never ate any past noon especially the desserts, tried a few days not eating after 7pm went on and off with that very hard to do. Doing this slowly this time, tried sugar free diet for a whole month once but got off of it after the month challenge was gone. Felt good during that time, hope to feel that way again.

July 11th Start date with no sugar all day, no process foods. Meats, Veggies only, No calorie counting-July 11-13th Have pretty bad headaches start drinking more water 8oz-6. My suggestion if your going to start this make sure to have a few days off a week would be better, do it on the weekend your going to feel like crap and can barely move if your a sugaroholic like I was :(Felt hungry a lot ate lots of boiled eggs.

July 14th Headaches lifted also a kind of haze that I seemed to be in

July 15th the sugar cravings are pretty bad, its all I can think about but on the up side fruit have become my new best friend in moderation of course but the taste is intensify now. Try to keep busy so I wont be thinking of sweets, also had a dream of a straw berry milkshake that I was drinking it lol

Would also like to add the first week of no sugar I had massive hair loss when taking a shower, after the second week it stopped, I think my body just went into shock. 

July 19th Nine days being sugar free I woke up feeling GREAT!!!! started my exercises 1 mile every other day walking. I am doing this every other day because the last time I tried to walk a mile every day I got heel spurs and I was down for weeks in a cast. As I lose more weight I will increase my exercise.

July 20th started the 7/10am Intermittent fasting diet where you only eat from 10am to 7pm  most people do 11am-7pm but I find I need to go places do things and I cant wait around till 11am to eat so 10am is working good good link to it. This is easier in the morning then at night. I am used to snacking at night so this has been really hard on me. 

Also this is about the time July 20th and 21st that the nightmares started. Two nights of nighmares was wearing me out when I awoke. Luckily after those first two start up days I have been nightmare free.

July 22nd-23rd the hunger pains at night and noise associated with it have started in my stomach. Hubby said and from what I read its my stomach breaking up the food. Need to read more on it, will link up later. Ok its later...its just what he said its not that I am hungry its just digesting food, did more research said to try to drink some mint/peppermint tea to stop the noise or water..I tried just water didnt help but tried the tea yes it does help!!! Stock up on Mint tea. :)

July 24th Marks two weeks sugar free and four days on the Intermittent fasting diet. Lost only 4 lbs but that is about 2 lbs a week so its ok, feel less bloated. Morning and afternoons are better then the evening times, it would help if I could get to bed early but sometimes that is not the case when your a mom and have an elderly father that sleeps all day but is up most the night. It was suggested last night that I find a button pants try it on and go by how I lose that outfit will be on me as time goes by rather then always go by the scale.  Still doing my mile walking I have skipped a few days depending on how I  feel and how much walking I have done that day. Good video on how our fat cells work and why not to go by the scale.  

July 31 Marks three weeks sugar free one of the easiest weeks yet, the mint tea helps at night with the hunger sound pains, its getting easier not to eat so late at night brushing my teeth helps, my period came as usual for my age that is, but I still lost some weight during this time which I thought was weird being bloated, I had at least two nightmares this week and one where I was getting frustrated with a woman at Baskin robbins for not getting my order right lol. The weight was falling off every day till the last two days. I have lost a total of 10 lbs. Still getting sugar cravings but its just like a memory now. The thought of eating greasy foods like french fries or hamburger with buns makes me ill. I can't eat a big breakfast anymore its either a small breakfast or my protein shake can't have both at the same time so yes I have noticed the amount of food I eat is getting smaller and smaller now. I still have the mentality that 7pm is coming I better eat what I can!!!! its hard to fight that and if I over eat I get sick to my stomach. Exercise is every other day I walk a mile so far its been good on my feet, plus I try to park places far off and I try to do a lot more walking on the farm, on the days I dont do my exercise are usually the days I have to haul six buckets of water to refill my chickens water bins I keep in there. In all a good week. I got one more week left to break my no sugar free record. "Crosses fingers"

Aug 7 Marks four weeks sugar free, portion size is smaller not because I made it like that its because I can't eat as much anymore and I am not forcing it. Sugar Cravings are not that bad, but I am still craving a bit but I think I am at the point where I could control myself if I had once piece of chocolate without going over board but I havent as yet. I only lost one pound during the whole week, I am constipated I have taken natural laxatives but it does not seem to be working much, exercise is the same I might need to step it up but I was really hoping to get the pounds off my feet to be able to exercise more, my feet have been swollen for months now and adding pressure to it exercising hurts. Its frustrating to lose so much then flexing on that one pound all week, they tell me I shouldn't get on the scale but if I dont I feel  I am not motivated enough. I feel it in my clothes I am wearing that everything is fitting better, I feel better over all. Night times I still hard but in all its been a good month. So total of 11 pounds in a month. 

Aug 15 Marks five weeks sugar free, I have actually been weighing myself one day b4 the day I am suppose to be weighing myself I goofed. So correcting myself to weigh in every Tue now. Weight follow......2 lb more this week total of 13 pounds.  The last following weeks I have been learning how to eat smart at fast foods and restaurants. Burgers the thought of eating one from McD's or Wendys just gross me out, but from a good burger joint its ok, I just omit the french fries and soda, I stick to BQ places without the sauce or sides, Subway is another place to have a good 6 inch tuna sandwich on wheat bread. Plus I always if I do have fast food with any carbs like the hamburger bun to have it during lunch time this way I can burn it off the rest of the day. I ate for the first time since I started this at a restaurant breakfast at Jims Restaurant I was thinking the right thing to do was order an omelet but I really didnt want to eat their caged eggs, what I really wanted was a pancake so I ordered one pancake and one bacon which theirs tasted gross the bacon so never doing that again, and unsweetened tea. I am still doing well at stop eating at 7pm. I drink my smooth move tea at night so I can be regular in the morning, so far so good finally not feeling so bloated. I have been having trouble with not having much strength now. I can't lift the 50 lb bags of feed anymore, feeling tired, but I think thats cuz of lack of sleep but started taking B12 to help with energy levels we will see if it helps.. 

Aug 22 Sorry forgot to write. No change in weight. Still doing pretty good. Just still really tired and sleepy all the time. Still trying to adjust to all this.

Aug 29


Buying Fresh fruits, veggies and pasture raised meats is expensive, however once you stop buying processed foods you will find out you will be able to afford this better now.  I found out this last week when I realized I actually had money left over b4 the next payday in my grocery acct.


People been asking me about benefits of Alkaline water I get mine in San Antonio off of Bandera. I find it feels great on my skin I use a small container after taking a shower on my face, I never drink it after 9pm cuz yah it gives me energy and will keep me awake.

Zaycon Meats: Chicken, Turkey, Quail meats and eggs we get from our own farm, but some things like my yummy bacon and hamburger I try to get from Zaycon I order in bulk for myself or sometimes with friends, its fresh from the farmer to me, Zaycon is a pick up service in a refrigerated truck that meets at diff places and diff times. Check to see if they have one near you.

Recipe Links:

Salmon with butter, lime juice, honey, cilantro sauce. I also put in shrimp with it as well. Bought four pieces of Salmon at our Local HEB for $16 also if you dont like cilantro try parsley or something else. 

Tuna patties: I added cheese with mine.

Green beans, Zaycon bacon and Parmesan cheese- Fresh green beans boil them 10min take out put in cold water for a few seconds put in dish, cook bacon a bit I cut mine up, put on top of green beans, you can put salt pepper, garlic powder, and Parmesan cheese or any cheese. Bake 350 for about 15-20min depending on your stove if you put on regular cheese just make sure it wont burn.


Peach or any other fruit dessert. 

1 large Diced peach, put in microwave bowl with 1 tablespoon of honey, pinch of cinnamon, pinch of salt, 1 tsp almond flour. Put in microwave 1 min or if you dont like microwave I guess you can cook it till its softens on stove top..Crumble top you mix in bowl separate, 1/2 cup of almond flour or coconut flour, 1/4 tsp baking powder, pinch of salt, pinch of nutmeg, 2 tb milk, I use raw milk, 3 tablespoons of butter (not margarine) cut up, put this on top of the peaches, I mix a bit up with it but mostly use the top for a top crust crumble....Bake at least 20min 350 Makes enough for two to share.

Coconut Cookies: I am going to try next time to use only 1/2 sweetener or maybe use honey instead. It was sooo good but a tad too sweet with 3/4 cup of sweetener. I used Agave/Stevia sweetener found at HEB next time going to try raw honey.


Recipes I want to try: