Friday, February 24, 2012

Mulch and more Mulch

Yup today they brought us some mulch so I can plant around our berry bushes. We wont be able to put it on till Sunday since this Saturday is our big Blue & Gold for the cubscout, but I wanted to share with everyone.

It was around 22yrds for $350 I didnt think they were going to fit in that tiny little entry but the guy was a great truck driver and drove in pretty easily. Beautiful day today to have them deliver this I am so excited!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New improved mobile chicken coop

So hubby has redid our new chicken/turkey mobile. He added the water and feeder to the outside of the coop instead now. This means I don't have to go into the coop anymore on feedings. I am really happy with this coop. It just needs the pulls in front to help pull it and I am all set.

As you can see its already being put to full use. We got the 4-H broilers we bought from someone in there now. Hoping to keep them in there a few more weeks to eat some grass get fresh air etc..b4 we have to butcher them.

Today on National Geographic we watched a show called Dooms day preppers. What a neat show on prepping. Some people may think they are a bunch of nuts but I think it was a good show to help show how to prepare for any kind of emergency not just the end of doomsday.

I have what some people might call a Bug out bag in my car, to me its just a emergency bag with essentials in case we get stuck & have to start to walk home. One of the things I learned tonight to add to my pack is some dry socks put in baggies. The kids and I almost wear the same kind now so this is good especially if our feet get wet you need to keep dry feet.

Another good tip I learned tonight was on preserving eggs & cheese. This comes in handy not only for prep food in case of emergency but also when my chickens lay a lot in spring I can now store them with mineral oil for months if kept cool, this way in winter when they stop laying I will have some eggs available.

Also learned I can buy cheese from store, and wax it for longer life. Wow didnt know about that I need to learn more. Her site is awesome and if you live in Utah you need to go see her and take her courses.

Will I watch them again. Heck yes! Can't wait for the next show. I kid hubby and tell him we will be on the next show next yr. What are we prepping for? To be self sufficient on our farm so don't rely on store bought product for foods is our main goal, this way we will be ready for any emergency that may come are way just have a better fruitful life is all we want.