Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gardening coming along

Spent this last month of April $420.40 for a family of four $53.90 was Non food related Personal Household stuff. I saved $82.55 on coupons which brought it down to $283.95. $30.72 was special stuff for Easter. So total came out to $253.23 for the month or $63.30 per week for family of four.

I have a budget of $500 for Food/Household Items/Personal stuff for the month so I did really, really good. Most the stuff I bought also was for stocking up. The $83.55 was the most I have every saved in a month before it sets a record for me. Working on putting a youtube for my briefcase coupon binder but will have to wait till after vacation.

Farm News:

We got most of our watering system in, it was part of my mother's day present :) My tomatoes are doing all really good. Got the fence around the garden too so now the dogs can't come in and wreck havoc keeps most of the cats out too.

We have had a really bad week and half, you know how the saying goes when it rains it poors.

1. Had 30 chickens stolen from coop by someone one night
2. Got a flat had to replce the two front tires.
3. Husband trans had a hole had to replace the whole thing
4. Air Conditioner fan outside broke for our house
5. Air conditioner for my car broke
6. Husband started with migranes really bad so bad had to take him to doctors and pick him up from work.

Good news...well I still have 111 chickens left they were nice enough to close the coop afterwards.
I have two new tires
Husband has a new trans didnt cost as much as they first started.
Air conditioner outside has a new fan at least it didnt happen when we were on vacation
Air conditioner in car not sure whats wrong with it but we will be on vacation while its being fixed...praying its not that much and it should be covered.
I think with Mexico fire burning had something to do with it hopefully it will be over soon.

Our trip to Disney is coming up soon just trying to tie up lose ends and think postive thoughts. I am so happy I have been dreaming of this for years. Kids are excited, hubby is not so much but I know he will have fun once we get there....Hey its better then being at work lol

Hot, hot hot here already and its only May sigh....Wasnt I just whining about the cold? lol