Saturday, November 29, 2008

History Links

Here are my favorite History Links

History Links

Growth of a Nation this is a must see for all parents and kids my favorite

Some pay sites: Free trial

History Link.Org

History Net

Best History websites

Civil war for Kids

Digital History

Maps of early America (has an annoying popup)
Eyewitness to History

History Channel

Famous Moments in Early American history


Audio clips history

American Presidents

President hall

American Time line

Time line of American Revolution

Declaration of Independence

Talking History

The above are my favorites but if you are looking for something specific like World War, Civil war, Jewish or Black History try the link below its one of my favorites too.

Classroom favorites

Please post me a msg if you have a favorite too so I can add it thanks!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Our Family Trip to Wash State

Well our flight was really nice. Southwest has come a long way and even though its a cheap plane it sure does not look it inside the plane it looked really new and clean. I thought was going to feel really Claustrophobic but it was a smaller plane with three seats in both side and nothing in the middle. The flight attendants were really nice and sometimes really funny.

The pilot though gave us two hard landings and my sinus was killing me. At one time my head starting spinning and giving me pain because of my cold and the plane starting to land I guess it was because of the congestion. We got to see the Grand Canyon.

I did forget my plier pocket knife was in my bigger purse. The lady asked me if I had anything in my purse she took me aside I guess cause they already saw it there. I looked at her and said, "Quite honestly I am not sure what I had packed" She pulled out the plier pocket knife with her gloved hand showing me. I blinked, "Oh darn I said I forgot about it" she started reciting her speech about what I had to do now if I wanted to keep it. I interupted her and said, "Look I forgot it was there just take it its not worth it she ran off with the object like it was burning her hands.

Husband was horrified thought I was going to get pulled over and body searched hahaha. Come on this is Texas I am sure they found bigger pocket knifes then my pinky knife that couldnt even cut a piece of thread besides the pliers were bigger. We kidded that I was going to be followed for the rest of the time because I looked like a dangerous person hauling around with me two kids and a husband.

Other then the head thing it was a really good flight and I was worried for nothing. When we got to the airport the shuttle took us to the rental car place we didnt have to wait long the Seatle airport had at least 6 going to Enterprise every few min.

They let me pick from 3 SUVs I was pleased and I picked a Dodge brand new one, hubby and the kids really liked it and our 6 luggage plus 5 carry ons fit nicely in the back. The drive to my motherinlaws house was really beautiful we went through some really big mountains and daughter pointed out some small waterfalls. Gosh it was so green, greener then I have seen in years living in Texas. There was no snow, it was good for driving but a bit disapointing I was hoping there was some on the ground at least. We are hoping for some more on the way back.

Well we are relaxing right now I am glad I got internet connection. We are off to go maybe see his grandma in a bit maybe get some lunch someplace. Its really cold over here but the sun thankfully is out today just really crisp outside.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Almost there

Been washing like crazy to prepare for our trip to Washington state. They said I need the kids shot records or birth certificate. Its not like I am leaving the country! Good grief they said the kids school ID would work. ...."Blink"....We homeschool

Sooooo I am thinking maybe in future to go get their ID at drivers place. I wonder how old you have to be? Hubby said we should just get their passports instead. Sometimes he travels to Canada so they would need it then.

All the animals have been taken care of, the chicken coop roof once again has been fixed. The water containers all fixed too. I guess we are pretty much all set. I excited for the kids to be on the plane for the first time but scared for myself because of enclosed places.

Got to run


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've been tagged

Ok so I do these sometimes I dont mind :) This way I can learn more about the person. Just dont double tag me because I wont do it again unless its been a few months. I have no idea who I am going to send this to next so going to leave it blank for now at bottom then post it later:

A nice lady Marnie with an interesting blog I am going to keep up with now tagged me:

Here are the rules:

1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.2. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.3. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose 3 people to get tagged and list their name.4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged and to read your blog.So, here goes, 8 random things about me...

1. I sit in a broken chair just before it gets dark waiting for my chickens to go into their coop I like to just watch them and its peaceful out there :)

2. I curl my hair with my fingers when I am thinking

3. I really dislike electric storms when trying to sleep it freaks me out

4. I really dislike the cold thats why I live in Texas

5. My downfall is eating snowballs especially the pink ones also any pie yum

6. People who whine about their downs in their life irritate me

7. I met my husband tubing down the river. He was in the Army I was working at a girlscout camp for the summer.

8. Married my husband only after two months of seeing each other only on the weekends!

People I tagged:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Basic Dinner Menu Ideas

Basic Dinner Menu idea

I am trying to get together basic menus that we use and most Americans to get an idea how we eat and to be able to make weekly menus (substitute healthy items) I find it will be more organized as well as save on the purse in the long run.



Whole Chicken
Fried Chicken
BQ Chicken
Chicken in Crock Pot recipes
Recipe Chickens on stove our favorites-Peanut butter chicken, Chicken cooked with fruit and a sauce

Cut up Chicken/ Left over Chicken
Chicken Soup
Chicken Stir Fry
Chicken Sandwiches
Chicken Casserole
Chicken and Dumpling
Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken and Pasta


WholeRoast Beef

Beef Cuts
Flank/Round/Chuck/Corned Beef/Tenderloin/Brisket/Sirloin
Beef Sausages
Caldo/Beef Soup
Steak Pecado
Beef stir Fry
Beef and Pasta

Hamburger Beef
Sloppy Joes
Meat Loaf
Beef Stroganoff
Stuffed green peppers
Tacos shells/Tortillas

Pork/Turkey/Fish recipes

Pork, Pork Chops, Ribs, Ham
Sandwiches (Tortas)
Left Overs
Spilt pea soup
Stir fry with pork

Turkey: whole (lots to do with turkey leftovers, casseroles, stir fry, sandwiches, spaghetti, soup

Fish: Oven baked, stove top different kinds of fish, we like Salmon, tuna, catfish

Extra Dishes

Enchilada Cheese
Pasta Dishes/ Afredo, Lasagna,

Basic Pantry List

Trying to get my pantry list organized so I can update it to my family needs when I need too. I feel if you know what you have you can make sure to keep it well supplied, buy in bulk and on sale when needed, especially since you know you will need it eventually and use the coupons before they expire.

Baking Goods: Baking Powder, Powder Baking Soda, Chocolate Chips, Confectioners' Sugar, Dark/Light Brown Sugar, Corn Syrup Vanilla Extract (not flavoring), Yeast Packets (store in fridge), Shredded Coconut (store in fridge) Decorative Sugar and Sprinkles Food Coloring Hershey's® Cocoa Powder Unsweetened Baking Chocolate, Nuts & Seeds (almonds, pecans, walnuts, soy nuts, sunflower seeds, etc... store in freezer)

Breads:Bagels English Muffins Hotdog or Hamburger Buns Graham Crackers Multi-Grain Bread Pretzels Ritz®-like Crackers Tortillas -Can be stored in freezer for later use.

Canned Goods: Chicken Broth (or store your own in the freezer whenever you boil a chicken) Fruit (sliced peaches, pears, pineapple, fruit cocktail - packed in their own juice!) Soups (chicken noodle, tomato, cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, etc...) Tomatoes (diced, crushed) Tomato Paste Tomato Sauce Tuna (white albacore), or Chicken Vegetables (green beans, sliced mushrooms, etc...) Condensed Milk, Spaghetti Sauce , Olives (black or green) Pickle Hamburger Chips Pickle Relish Teriyaki Sauce, Pie Fillings Pumpkin
Extras. Hot Dog Chili , Salsa

Condiments: Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard, Dijon, Pickles, Jellys, Peanut Butter, Honey, Molasses, Applesauce Barbecue ,Canola Oil Cooking Spray, Olive Oil, Pancake Syrup, Salad Dressing, Soy Sauce Vegetable Shortening Vinegar Worcestershire Sauce, Apple Butter Apple-Cider Vinegar Pickle Hamburger Chips Pickle Relish Teriyaki Sauce

Dairy: milk, eggs, real butter, margarine, cheese, sour cream, Cool Whip®, ice cream, yogurt, etc...)

Drinks: Tomotoe juice, 7-up, cranberry juice

Dry Goods:
Coffee Cornmeal Cornstarch Cream of Wheat Dry Beans (black, pinto, navy, etc...) Dry Cereals Dry Milk Powder, Flour unprocessed,wheat, cake flour) Granulated Sugar Cream of rice Long-grain White Rice and Brown Rice, Oatmeal (quick cooking and regular)

Frozen: Peas, mixed veggies, brocolli, spinach,

Pasta (spaghetti, fettuccini, elbows, penne, rigatoni, shells, twists, lasagna, wide egg noodles, etc...) Ramen Noodles Tea

Perishable Items: (as needed)
Fresh Fruit in Season or on Sale (apples, bananas, berries, oranges, grapes, melons, etc...) Fresh Vegetables in Season or on Sale (asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, corn on the cob, green peppers, mushrooms, etc...)
Garlic Meat, Fish & Poultry - (Whats on season)
Onions (yellow, sweet or red-which are actually purple)
Potatoes (white, small red, yellow/gold or sweet)
Salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, etc...) Bottled Water (for emergencies)

Spices: Basil Bay Leaves, Bouillon Cubes (chicken and beef) Chili Powder, Cinnamon, Garlic both powder and salt, Ginger, Nutmeg, Onion Powder, Oregano, Paprika, Parsley, Pepper (coarse ground) Rosemary, Sage Salt (low-sodium, Morton® iodized and sea salt), cream of tarter, Vanilla,
Extras... Celery Seeds Chives Cloves Cumin Curry Powder Dry Mustard Poppy Seeds Sesame Seeds Thyme

Popcorn, Jello, Puddings, Cake mixes, Cake frostings, Raisins, Mini-marshmallows

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Its family time soon

We have only a week and half before our trip to Washington state happens wow where did time fly? I still have to rent our car which we have been holding back on deciding which one to get with chance of snow coming up through the path.

I am so glad the turkeys are taken care of, next week will be the last class for Co-op and the last class for my daughters calligraphy class. Then its washing, packing and preparing for two weeks of family visiting.

I look forward on seeing Seatle I have always wanted to go there we might not go their the first few days but on the way back hubby promised me a few days there :) should be really fun.

Thank goodness the election is over I really had a sour stomach the night of the election, I am sure things will change but not all for the good. I am a real conservative with certain values that I think is dieing with people in America. I can only be thankful Texas is still a good ol republican state for how long?

I don’t know it was really close in our state however looking locally I looked at our local election and it was McCain 10,404 votes, Democratic 2,396, Libertarian Party 75 seems the cities seem to have more democrats. I will pray for Obama he has a lot to tackle and with some crazy supporters thinking he is going to personally take care of them.

Did anyone see the one on youtube with the supporter saying she would be so happy if he was elected because she wouldn’t have to worry about filling up her gas or paying her mortgage? Good grief.

Enough I am tired. Going to take a nap for a bit then start on dinner and chores was out this morning to try to get my dad another cell phone, pick up daughter then shop a bit I am pooped. Driving to San Antonio makes a person sleepy J

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shrink bags

We used the shrink bags this week during Turkey processing time andreally liked them. Our customers said they looked very professionalthey loved them. Last year we tried using the small vacuum sealer andthat took a lot of time (very messy & frustrating), it was betterthan not doing anything to the bags at all. We wanted thosecommercial vacuum sealers but they cost around $4000 on up aroundhere. We will let you know in a couple of months how they handle inthe freezer.Here is what we did and it seemed to work.

We made sure the turkeys were well drained of any water this is very important. After processing we sanitized our homemade scalder once more and gotthe temperature to 180-200 degrees then husband held on to the top ofthe bags, at this time we did NOT twist them at all we just held onto the top. He did not submerge the turkey all the way.He then dunked til it sealed at the bottom without any air really.Then he pulled it out twisted it and I put the hog ring pins on withthe pliers and closed it shut tight. Hubby then turned it around anddunked it the other way just a bit to seal the other side.

This takestwo people one to hold the turkey up and the other to put the ringson with pliers.We found doing it this way kept the air out and we didn't poke anyholes anywhere. It went really fast. Done.Notes:1. Use those long oven gloves that can take the heat, should worknicely so you won't burn yourself with the scalder, better safe thansorry.2. Here is a picture of the finished product. We will be using thoseshrink bags again next time I highly recommend them if don't alreadyhave a commercial vacuum sealer.

It will save you tons $. Very important: our biggest bird was only 18 lbs which was reallygood because our customers want 18 lb and lower. On the site it saysLarge Turkey (20-25 lb) bags well it barely fit our 18 lb it did notget us enough room on top to twist. I doubt it would fit a larger 20lb they must have went by some really skinny birds. Next time we aregoing to also order some of the Extra large 20-25 lb bags for themore hefty ones.4. Here is the farm where we ordered the bags they are hard to get ahold of because they are a working farm so don't order at the lastmin they will return your call when they can.

Thanks for my Pasture Poultry group for sharing this site with me y'all I hope others will benefit from the bags as well. Hog rings and pliers they have them at the website to buy, if youcan find them cheaper look around we found ours at our local Tractorsupply store but we were lucky it was the last ones left due tohunters grabbing all the others.Sam/Moderator