Friday, November 21, 2008

Our Family Trip to Wash State

Well our flight was really nice. Southwest has come a long way and even though its a cheap plane it sure does not look it inside the plane it looked really new and clean. I thought was going to feel really Claustrophobic but it was a smaller plane with three seats in both side and nothing in the middle. The flight attendants were really nice and sometimes really funny.

The pilot though gave us two hard landings and my sinus was killing me. At one time my head starting spinning and giving me pain because of my cold and the plane starting to land I guess it was because of the congestion. We got to see the Grand Canyon.

I did forget my plier pocket knife was in my bigger purse. The lady asked me if I had anything in my purse she took me aside I guess cause they already saw it there. I looked at her and said, "Quite honestly I am not sure what I had packed" She pulled out the plier pocket knife with her gloved hand showing me. I blinked, "Oh darn I said I forgot about it" she started reciting her speech about what I had to do now if I wanted to keep it. I interupted her and said, "Look I forgot it was there just take it its not worth it she ran off with the object like it was burning her hands.

Husband was horrified thought I was going to get pulled over and body searched hahaha. Come on this is Texas I am sure they found bigger pocket knifes then my pinky knife that couldnt even cut a piece of thread besides the pliers were bigger. We kidded that I was going to be followed for the rest of the time because I looked like a dangerous person hauling around with me two kids and a husband.

Other then the head thing it was a really good flight and I was worried for nothing. When we got to the airport the shuttle took us to the rental car place we didnt have to wait long the Seatle airport had at least 6 going to Enterprise every few min.

They let me pick from 3 SUVs I was pleased and I picked a Dodge brand new one, hubby and the kids really liked it and our 6 luggage plus 5 carry ons fit nicely in the back. The drive to my motherinlaws house was really beautiful we went through some really big mountains and daughter pointed out some small waterfalls. Gosh it was so green, greener then I have seen in years living in Texas. There was no snow, it was good for driving but a bit disapointing I was hoping there was some on the ground at least. We are hoping for some more on the way back.

Well we are relaxing right now I am glad I got internet connection. We are off to go maybe see his grandma in a bit maybe get some lunch someplace. Its really cold over here but the sun thankfully is out today just really crisp outside.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)


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