Monday, June 22, 2009

If you look closely you can see the pecans in the leaves hiding. I am so happy most of our trees are full of pecans. Last year these lil babys just fell off one day I was so sad, it looks like its going to be a good pecan year.

This means every morning and night I will have to be out there to pick them. Co-op will be hard to do this year if I don’t get organized. I plan to do 1st-3rd bug science for the co-op and get a lot of my stuff from oriental trading. I wont have more then 12 kids in my class because the kits are 12.

Our garden is doing really nice, I went ahead an mowed this last week, I would do more but its gotten so hot the last few days in the 100's! its brutal to go out. My berry bushes are doing great too I wish they would bloom this year I might have a few but they are young yet.

Going to try to plant some flowers today and order some flower farmer books this upcoming payday I want to learn to flower farm since daughter wants to become a florist and son loves to plant we can be a family business :) Told daughter if we can get some flowers going we can sell them on weekends at fleamarket.

I lost my old cat this week, I think it was cancer we came back she had a lump was still eating but getting skinner then one day she was gone. She was not a loving cat but she was a good momma.

I got to take my son to swimming lessons all this week again so got to leave now.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes I love flea marketing or in this case city wide garage sale finds. Last weekend a town near me had one of these sales. I was so excited I only regret I didn’t have any more money to spend for that day.

I ended up with those two white chairs for $2 for the pair. They match sort of the others ones that I have for my dads dining room/porch . I also got some silverware from an estate going on the same time as the garage sales. The local library was having book sales out front of their library. They were selling $1 a bag, you fill up as much as you can fit in the bags. I filled up 4 bags :) I just love books.

Not much more going on at the ranch right now other then things are growing really well in our gardens right now and we are picking all kinds of salads, collard greens, tomatoes, radishes, it’s not enough to can but enough to eat fresh.

The sheep need to be culled badly we just haven’t had time. Not much grass out there for that many so it’s best we get rid of some of the older ones. The brooder needs to be build but we haven’t had time for that either. Hawks been attacking my chickens again I have lost three so far.

They are getting really smart and brave going into the netting even now to get my chickens. I am attempting to make relish tomorrow we will see how it goes so far buying the cucumbers wasn’t that expensive but the red peppers have put me over my budget on it so I hope it will be worth it. I also have to put away some local corn that I bought from a local farm near us. We don’t grow corn ourselves because it would take up too much space.