Monday, June 22, 2009

If you look closely you can see the pecans in the leaves hiding. I am so happy most of our trees are full of pecans. Last year these lil babys just fell off one day I was so sad, it looks like its going to be a good pecan year.

This means every morning and night I will have to be out there to pick them. Co-op will be hard to do this year if I don’t get organized. I plan to do 1st-3rd bug science for the co-op and get a lot of my stuff from oriental trading. I wont have more then 12 kids in my class because the kits are 12.

Our garden is doing really nice, I went ahead an mowed this last week, I would do more but its gotten so hot the last few days in the 100's! its brutal to go out. My berry bushes are doing great too I wish they would bloom this year I might have a few but they are young yet.

Going to try to plant some flowers today and order some flower farmer books this upcoming payday I want to learn to flower farm since daughter wants to become a florist and son loves to plant we can be a family business :) Told daughter if we can get some flowers going we can sell them on weekends at fleamarket.

I lost my old cat this week, I think it was cancer we came back she had a lump was still eating but getting skinner then one day she was gone. She was not a loving cat but she was a good momma.

I got to take my son to swimming lessons all this week again so got to leave now.


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