Sunday, November 20, 2011

Well its been a busy Oct/Nov here on the Farm. as you can see our orchard did outstanding this yr I am still picking pecans! Below is our new piglets, first time raising them, and no they will not be pets. They are cute and I have a hard time not falling for them.

I've sold a lot of pecans already this yr plus did some awesome trades. I did a few homemade jelly trades from the northwest I am happy cuz I can never get any fresh jelly around here much plus I also traded for a bread maker hardly used.

I've send some to our soldier and I need to send some to family now. I wish I could send some via mail to sell but the cost of postage is just not really worth it plus the cost of someone buying it compared to just buying it at store I dont know.... However our pecans are non sprayed and it is from this yrs crop. While store bought is sprayed and you never know how old they are you know.

Well so much to do I got to get cracking...get it?? cracking? lol

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!