Monday, November 19, 2012

Dehyrdrating/vacuum sealing

 Dehydrated mixed veggies vacuum sealed.

We have an Excalibur no complaints other then that it makes a loud humming noise which drives me crazy, luckily it works fast unlike my old Ronco one that will take more then a few days, but at least my Ronco is quiet, I usually use it for drying my herbs.

My new vacuum seal attachment works great on the jars, I prefer the wide mouth lid one, so I am trying now to buy wide mouth jars I just think it works a whole lot better & more room. This works best for dried foods, it does not replace canning. Nuts, flour, grains, it works great on.

Its best to keep these kind of foods out of sunlight, I usually vacuum seal them, then put them in a dark container with a gamma lid. This picture on top I will be  using in the next couple of months so they are here to be pretty :)