Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pallet ideas

Love this picture not my farm but I thought it was so cute


For a while now I have been intrigued by the use of pallets. They seem to be everywhere and if you look for example at certain business or on the craigslist or free cycle you see people trying to get rid of them all the time.

On my internet search I have seen, sheds, chicken coops, garden fences etc.. I decided to start a link section of these places and ideas so I don't have to keep repeat looking for them when I am trying to tell people about how wonderful they are:

 Here is our picture of are newly made pig pen

Buldings; Structures: 

**Check it out I added a pinterest link to tons of pallet ideas I have been collecting!

Tiny House out of pallets

A pallet home

Another small house design out of pallets

This guy has pictures of sheds that he had made..ingenious!

Making a childrens playhouse with pallets its in another language but at least you can see the finished product

Wooden fence (This one is my favorite which I featured on top)

Fence made of pallets for goats etc..

Stairs made out of pallets

Kewl a wood deck made with pallets 

Another little add on porch/deck

Inside a home made out of pallets

Outdoor pallet shelf


Kids stuff made out of Pallets

Small playhouse for kids

Kids playhouse made with pallets

Playground for kids made out of pallets

Tree house made of pallets


Dog house made of pallets

Ideas for a dog house made out of pallets. This site has a video!

Dog house made of pallets

Have a favorite dog here is a dog bed for them.


Gardening with pallets:

Making a Raised bed with pallets

Recycled work bench. Great idea!!! I want one!

Pallet pen for compost another great idea with detail instructions

Great idea on making a picket fence out of pallets cute!

Vertical garden using pallets

Using a pallet as a garden! Great idea thanks Debbie

Potting bench made of pallets

This is a garden table from pallets

Here is another detail instructions on building a garden bed out of pallets


Furniture made with Pallets:

A few ideas for outdoor gardening furniture

Large desk made with pallets

Pallet shelf

Cute day bed with pallets

Another cute bed for kids I would make sure to sand this really good!

This guy made a table out of pallets

A bed frame they made out of pallets

Tv stand some guy made kewly

A smaller tv stand with rollers

Pallet computer desk

This person made a garden chair from pallets..Great idea~

Coffee table made from pallets


Chicken Pallet ones:
Standing chicken coop or rabbit cage

Small chicken coop, though I wasnt really impressed with this guys building skills he is very dangerious.

Here is a better chicken coop build with pallets

Here is a nest box made out of pallets

Here is a blog of someone that build a smaller chicken coop with pallets

Garden and Furniture Pallets:
This guy talks about building a green house planters with pallets


Stuff made with pallets

Shoe rack made with pallets...simple idea could be made just a wee pit better at least paint it? Just saying

Firewood holder kewl idea

A place to put your plates pallet design

Very rugged to place your picture frames in, I can see this in someones cabin

A room divider great idea! 

This is pretty kewl a farmers market stand made with pallets. Might be pretty heavy but great idea


Other Sites that have pallets pictures

Unstitched a few pictures that I dont have on mine love the magazine rack!

Practical Enrichment

If you don't have time to order a book try this kindle version of pallet DIY projects get it right now!


Please leave a note and let me know which one was your favorite design with pallets. Add your own too!



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