Monday, January 4, 2010

A new Year 2009

Wow the last time I wrote on here it was Oct I almost forgot I had a blog. Inspired by the movie Julie and Julia I decided to get out my cook book, "Better Homes and Gardens" New Dieters Cook Book & try some of the recipes. I have always loved this book so much because of the pictures it shows for each and everyone of the recipes. It also gives you the nutrition value for each food as well as the calories.

For the new year as a lot of people I am not going on a diet but I am going to try to watch what my family and I eat in the coming year to try to lose weight and become more organized. On my fridge I have a calender to write down each meal we have for each day, this will give me an idea of what we eat to get a variety plus see how many times we actually go out and eat.

My taste buds have been so dulled lately with the same old foods. I discussed with my husband we need to read more of the Sunday food section and try out new restaurants in the San Antonio area at least one every pay day rather then go to our same old restaurants.

Besides cleaning up for after the holidays I am trying to organize better too. I decided not to do Co-op this year as much as I love the people in co-op I am just too busy during this semester. I still have pecans to crack save/sell and it will be lambing season soon. I need to also sell some more of our sheep so we dont have to feed them this winter. Lots of paperwork to do still.

I guess I could have just helped someone but I dont want to let someone down when we missed a few days....So I have decided to just go to lunch onces in a while so Tommy can play. Tommy is really involoved with his cubscouts right now & its going to be derby time and Miranda is really involoved with her girl scouts and Yes its that time again...Cookie time. I am sure we will get drafted for some booths again this year.

Farm is going well but my chickens havent laid in months because of the cold and being old. I am relucant getting anymore till my husband fixes my coop for me. We need to put the feeder inside the coop to keep the sheep away so I dont have to be dragging that fense each time I move it. Right now its a two person job it shouldnt have to be. I should be able to get into the tractor and move it myself.

Its been colder then normal here in Texas which has been nice. As long as my sun is shining I dont care how cold it gets :)


roserichter said...

I was doing good on my dieting, but I have slipped... need to get back on track with the exercising too... But that book sounds awesome!

Hugs to you Sam! :)

Me said...

good blog..nice artical publishing by you...appreciate on you...thanks for giving detail..

happy after reading your blog....