Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Using Television for Teaching

Using Television to teach:

If your like the many americans who subscribe monthly to cabel or satellite each month for entertainment, why not use it to help teach your kids? Many of y'all don't even realize the many shows out there that can help teach and your already paying for it!
Examples on main ones I love and use:

The main ones to help you is

A&E television Network: Each weekday morning the A&E Network offers commercial-free, copyright cleared educational programming. These programs cover a variety of topics suitable for grades 4 and higher. Along with this is a email schedule of upcoming events and a snail mail year calendar of programs. They also have lesson plans for some of the shows.

Art zone Featuring Art, Music, Film they do have realvideo outputs you can watch on your computer

Biography Channel: Sponsored by A&E network has the same great discussion, calendar, and classroom study guides. Great information on famous people throughout time.

Cable in the Classroom: Cable in the Classroom represents the cable telecommunications industry's efforts to use cable content and new technologies to improve teaching and learning for children in schools, at home, and in their communities.

Court Tv: is an education and public service initiative targeting middle schools and high schools, which also offers resources for colleges and law schools. Their goal is to help young people make responsible and positive decisions.

Discovery School: Designed by teachers for teachers, this award-winning series keeps the learning styles of elementary-age children in mind. They have online lesson plans that go a long with the shows so you don’t have to prepare anything. Also have Animal planet, Discovery kids,

Disney Lesson plans-A great place with all your favorite Disney characters

Fit Tv-From exercise listings, to how to stay healthy with food recipes this is a great way for the whole family to stay healthy.

Foodnetwork: One of my favorites shows is “Good Eats” he takes food to a science great entertainment to watch with the kids.
History Channel: Packed with show time calendars, discussion groups, and study guides for the famous history channel

KLRN: A great tv site with shows such as Liberty kids for younger kids, History detectives for older kids, Statue of Liberty also for older kids

NASA Channel: Provides real time coverage of agency activities, missions and educational programming to teachers and students.

Nickelodeon: Mostly fun kid cartoons and game site. I do like The Wild Thornberry shows of a young homeschooler that travels the world with her family. Great for watching it then look up the country they were at and the animals they saw for geography and study of animals. There is also Ozzie and Drix for the study of the human body.

Nick Junior: Programming for preschoolers. A great place to have the little ones watch as you teach the older kids. Blue clue, Dora the explorer, Max and ruby.

PBS This station has some great learning videos. Weekend explorer is one of our favorites great for geography Check out their listing for movies on science, history etc.. I have also seen Cyber Chase kids on this channel this is a great show to watch for kids learning math

Scie Fie In the Class room If your kids love watching the Scie Fie channel why not use some of them to help you teach.
STAR: Although they show it on the Television there is a course fee for the books and manuals.

Travel Channel part of Discovery channel but I thought I would list it separately. Great place to study geography check the tv listing to find out what’s showing. Not all is suitable for kids so check out that guide before switching to that channel
University House: The Universityhouse Channel provides a new way to bring education home. Showing on the DISH Network The Universityhouse Channel offers you a variety of educational programming, from K-12 instruction to accredited university courses. Enjoy these stimulating programs and courses in the convenience of your own home.

UCTV: launched by the ML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />University of California to provide the public with informational, educational and enrichment programming that draws upon the vast intellectual, scientific and creative talents of the University of California .

Weather Channel: The Weather Classroom is appropriate for grades 5-10 each program airs commercial-free and copyright clear for educational use
Special notes for myself to check weekly: Calendars:

History channel calendar/ A&E Listings/ Biography Listings
Discovery school which includes listings for Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Health Classroom & Travel Channel
PBS Listings/ KLRN calendar/ NickJr CalendarRegular tv listing Tv Guide

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