Monday, March 3, 2008

Alaska may be a no go

My dad and kids planting roses that we got at Walmart. Railroad ties were free from Union Pacific
Looks like the trip to Alaska is a lot more then we ever thought it would be. Once we get there its not so bad but trying to fly up there is an arm and two legs. I am a bit depressed about it. Trying to convince hubby to take kids to Disneyworld instead, not sure what else to do time is running out.
Car is back in the shop they have to order a part so probably wont get it fixed till Wed now. I have been so tired lately not sure what is going on. I need to exercise I think but havent been able to go to gym due to car breaking down so much.
I bought some dirt today finally going to start preseeding now. A cold front came in but its only around 55' degrees not a freeze. Working on another article right now but as always its slow going because I dont have much time.
Got to run for now will add later maybe.

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