Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Eggs Eggs Eggs

Quote for the day: What came first the chicken or the egg?
My chickens have been laying like little egg machines. Good chickens! I am averaging around 40plus eggs a day sometimes. Today at the milk/egg drop off I sold 28-18packs of eggs. I plan to buy more feed with the money but also buy more chicks.
There is a site that got me really motivated on taking care of my chickens called http://www.kiva.org/ This is a lending sight for third world countries. One day I was glancing around the page when I saw this old woman who wanted $100 to buy more baby chicks to add to her already 300 flock.
Yah you got it right 300! and here I was with 88 and moaning about how many they are sometimes hahaha and here is this little old lady with 300 and wanting to have more to make her business grow. I figure if she could do it so could I.
So I got out the old accounting book to do my chicken business to see if I was actually making a profit. I was making a profit, a small one but I was doing good enough to pay for my familys own eggs too. Its not like I am making a huge profit off of it, it sure is fun though I love my chickens they are so fun to watch.
I hope to do well enough to go back to the Kiva sight and find another lady who needs money for chickens and I would like to lend her the money to get her started.

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