Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Addition to our family

Yup here he is Rex the golden retriever puppy my daughter has been wanting for ages. She has saved up her babysitting money and allowance for him and they love each other already as you can see him plastered to her already hehe.

I am proud of her for saving up her money for him like that I am pretty sure we have taught her well. So far its been working out ok with Rex. He is a sweet puppy, Tommy my son loves to play with him, not sure on Bobo our other dog yet, they have only been introduced through the fence in the back yard.

He has had his first shots already which is a bonus. It seemed like he was not used to a humans touch I think they had him in a kennel with his mom. I dont like kennels much only time I think they are needed is when you are going to have company you need to put them away for other peoples safety.

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molytail said...

Aw, he's gorgeous! And my daughter is freaking out here in the living room right now because she's obsessed with golden retrievers these days & wants one soooo much...she saw these pictures and went *screech* LOL...but we have five cats! Someday, maybe. :-)