Thursday, March 27, 2008

Part of a Co-op

I am part of three types of co-op. My first co-op is with part of my homeschool group. Our co-op gets together 8 weeks a semester and we combine together classes for our kids to take, mostly supplement classes, fun classes to do with other kids.

By combining our resources we can teach things we may have trouble teaching ourselfs or its just more fun doing it as a larger group. We also get together as moms and get to talk to an adult for once! Yah love the kids but its nice to talk to an adult once a week besides your spouse :)

The second co-op is a Milk coop. There was a farmer coming to San Antonio to deliver his cheese products and he just went to providing raw milk. He got license to do this so excitely I asked him if we could get a few women together at a house would it be worth it for him to stop by and drop off some milk since technically the milk truck is part of his farm.

Well years later I am saving a trip going all the way to his farm and pick up 2 weeks worth of milk every other week. He is making out better with us because he sells it at a better price to us then if he sold to Borden or something. It benefits us both.

The third and the last co-op I had joined is a biweekly pick up at a Veggie co-op. I provide $20 to the main coordinator and so does a group of other women, then she goes off to the buy bulk produce at the farmers market which keeps the cost down to us. A lot of veggie co-ops take turns picking up but our coordinator knows the guys at the terminal and would rather do it herself and she picks really good stuff.

If we have something we dont like we put it in the extra basket and we can exchange for something else. The draw back of this is you really have to use everything that you get to make it worthwhile. I share my bounty with my sister and dad next door to us, this way nothing is really wasted, but even if it did get bad then I give it to my chickens.

Hopefully soon I will be adding our own garden so we can have some of that too and sell it as well. Right now I have some strawberrys, onions, tomotoes, cherry tomotoes and orange bell peppers planted.

I recommend any sort of coop it seems to be working out for us.


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