Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Husband and I have been fascinated by the Bali houses for awhile now. Bali houses or cottages are little houses connected to each other. This one is in a compound but bali houses have been separated with no walls. If we did something like this we would use vines & trees to shield ourself's from other to give us some privacy.  

Each house has its own function. You have lil cottages that you sleep in only with bathroom, then you have a separate kitchen & another for a dining room. You might have another for your living room/entertainment center, yet another for storage. I can see this as either family living or living with other family members or friends & sharing the kitchen, entertainment cottages. You could even have a separate one for laundry.

Most have lil cottages have side walks that connect them. We would put over a cover of some sort so on the days it rained we wouldn't get so wet.

Another great thing about the Little houses is that if you buy some land you can build this slowly, one room at a time. Instead of getting into debt you just build what you can from materials donated or bought frugally  someplace.

I hope to see more of these in the future.