Friday, February 19, 2010


So one of my articles I sold to an online website is now being published in this book, "The Everything Homeschooling book" The editor is suppose to also send me a free copy this week I can't wait to see it. She was going to send it last week but she got snowed in.
She is really nice and has bought previous articles of mine for her website too. So I have been happy to get a few days with sun shine and it has cleared up a bit of our field from all the rains we have gotten.
I have ordered local honey this coming Saturday I can't wait to start cooking with it. We have our own honey but I use it for eating with biquits/special stuff etc..Tom didnt get to go out to the hive this year so we don't have much left.
I also joined another Veggie Co-op locally. The last time I was in one it was in SA and it was a pain having to go up there to get my stuff when I didnt need to go to SA. This one is nice too cause she is getting basic stuff we use everyday, not wierd stuff that I wouldnt use. Thats the problem with joining some of these veggie co-ops is sometimes you are left with things you don't use and it goes to waste
I had recently gotten stuff from a local farm that dosent spray, but theres is $30 to join and half the stuff is not from their farm plus its stuff I dont use! So to fix this I joined our local co-op for only $15 a share and I am going to get extra stuff that they have in season from the other one. Right now for instance they have spinach in season.
My chickens have started laying even the old ones. I am getting at least 40 eggs a day now..JOY<>
Well tons to do today I was tickled that I could scan checks to my bank took a few trys but I find it really easy now. The money is there within seconds! Which is wonderful for me since I need to shop 2day.
Have a wonderful week everyone

Friday, February 5, 2010

LambTime 2010

We have over 17 lambs this winter season, this one has to be one of the most unique ones out there. My sister says she looks like Angela Jolene, another friend says I should call her "Kisses" good name but dont want to name her if we eat her.

Lots of rain this pic was after the rain now its more flooded. I am worried about hoof rot on the sheep so I am glad they are staying in the barn for now. The lambs are safe at least and dry. Hoping it will stop raining.

We despertly need some sun. I need it for energy the farm needs it for growth. Our truck is in the shop right now and as always about this time we need to be in three different places at once. I was really hoping this would be a quiet semester but with Miranda taking her new sewing class every Mon/Wed its really time consuming but its so worth it for her. Its things I wouldnt be able to teach her in sewing plus it comes with a 36hr certificate for fashion sewing.

I still have 4 bags to crack of pecans but havent had the time. I have though got my coupons back and order and saved over $28 on coupons tonite. We are hoping to put the garden in but with the rains its preventing us from prepping. My chicken feeder is half way done again had to be stopped cause of the rain. Hopefully the wood is not rotted :(

Well thats about it for our farm updated other then my chickens finally started to lay, funny thing is that its the older chickens laying not the younger ones. The ones I was going to cull. sigh..