Friday, February 5, 2010

LambTime 2010

We have over 17 lambs this winter season, this one has to be one of the most unique ones out there. My sister says she looks like Angela Jolene, another friend says I should call her "Kisses" good name but dont want to name her if we eat her.

Lots of rain this pic was after the rain now its more flooded. I am worried about hoof rot on the sheep so I am glad they are staying in the barn for now. The lambs are safe at least and dry. Hoping it will stop raining.

We despertly need some sun. I need it for energy the farm needs it for growth. Our truck is in the shop right now and as always about this time we need to be in three different places at once. I was really hoping this would be a quiet semester but with Miranda taking her new sewing class every Mon/Wed its really time consuming but its so worth it for her. Its things I wouldnt be able to teach her in sewing plus it comes with a 36hr certificate for fashion sewing.

I still have 4 bags to crack of pecans but havent had the time. I have though got my coupons back and order and saved over $28 on coupons tonite. We are hoping to put the garden in but with the rains its preventing us from prepping. My chicken feeder is half way done again had to be stopped cause of the rain. Hopefully the wood is not rotted :(

Well thats about it for our farm updated other then my chickens finally started to lay, funny thing is that its the older chickens laying not the younger ones. The ones I was going to cull. sigh..

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roserichter said...

I hope you're able to get plenty of rest in all the running around you do, Sam. You're such a good Mama! I sure do miss you, girl! *Hugs*