Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fall can't come fast enough

Our pecans are almost done!

Fall is so close to us I can taste it but sure don't feel it in our triple digit weather in Texas. I made announcement to my family this yr I am going to get out our fall stuff really early from the shed. If we can't have cool weather here it will look like fall in our house!

My daughter made these flower arrangements for fall can't wait to put them up.

Well as you can see from the picture above our pecans are almost ready! They will start falling down at the end of Sept and continue to fall till the start of Nov. This is a busy time of yr because I will be out there fighting the squirrels picking them morning & afternoon before the squirrels can get their hands on them! I pick in the afternoon too because the winds we have in the early evening hours will knock some more down and the racoons at night will eat them if I don't. The squirrels are a pain because they only eat the tip of the pecan and leave the rest to rot! Luckily my sheep will find those and finish them off!.

After I have gathered enough I take them into Hondo to get them cracked I learned long ago to do this instead of manually having to do this by hand. Hubby bought me a machine pecan cracker but it still takes one at a time & it takes a long time. I barely have enough time to peel the pecans I have!

I will take these pecans and store for us in a freezer for this coming yr for Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking as well as sell a few & this yr I am going to send some to the soldiers. You would think with 80 trees I would have a ton but not all the tree's are still producing and not every yr the tree's produce.

Everyone thought because of the drought we wouldn't have pecans but with the canal's constantly running the roots of our tree's are constantly getting water. The water runs underground about 3 feet & you will hit water. We found that out the hard way when trying to build our septic tank lol.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boy Scout camp vs Girl Scout camp

My son trying to catch a fish.

Well summer is almost over for some its been one hot summer here in Texas the worst in Texas history. My son went to day camp then summer overnight camp. The first day of daycamp my daughter & I went to, to help. I was impressed a bit with the camp location but not the program or how it was run.

1. Ranch is donated to use by the owners each yr. Pretty camp
2. The arts director/BB gun director/Archery Fishing director all had it planned on what they were going to do. The boys got there they went over safety and they did it!
3. Director did a fantastic job on the safety of the boys in keeping them safe.

1. Program way to long for this Tx heat boys got tired after 12pm they wanted to go home instead we were there till 2pm.
2. Hardly No shade boys forced to be in 100' degree weather tieing knots. They need more canopys.
3. Older boys forced to wear pink hats that didn't fit properly to cover ears, because the current volunteer camp director loves pink, even though I begged her not to make them wear it this yr. I saw three of the boys actually shove the hats to her this yr & refused to wear it.
4. No pool or any water games at all. It would have helped in this heat. Who designs these without water programs!
5. Being told by the director constantly to chill and go w/the flow cuz it was not organized enough for me as I try to direct 22 boys & not sure where to go cuz they haven't figured it out yet.

Summer overnight camp

1.The boys did well entertaining the boys well enough with skits and songs.
2. Nice boating program for the boys.

1. Food was horrible & had no nutrition that they ordered at local school cafeteria, they would have been better off preparing their own food!
2. Too rocky the current camp first day there my son sprang his ankles along with others a mother took a plunge down & had to have stitches on her head.
3. Very disorganized boys scouts not set up for classes when the boys arrived so took 10-15 to set up b4 starting each day! And they have been having classes for weeks now.
4. Instead of sleeping with other boys in the tents the parents (who would have been in the tent next door) the mothers insisted their sons boys sleep with them in their tent. These are 10-11yr old boys- Way to go making a man out of your son lol need to untie that string sometime Ma'ma!


Girl Scout camp:

1. Girl scout camp they have paid counselors there for the summer they have been trained 2 weeks ahead on what they are going to do. They have a plan! Marine instructors would have been happy to their precise schedule!
2. Food is prepared by experienced cooks & at least one night is a cook out per week that the girls do themselves with help from counselors.
3. They go swimming at least once a day or at least have water sports to keep the girls cool.
4. Girls as little as 6yr are staying in cabins without their parents. Yah sometimes they cry cuz they are homesick a bit but by second day they are fine!

So when I worked at a girl scout camp eons ago I used to gripe about it but compared to the boyscout's I think its a luxury resort lol

I know the boyscouts is run by volunteers but maybe that is the trouble, maybe they need to have some more paid people. From what I heard the director of the boyscout camps runs more then one so he is run ragged between them all.

The director from the day camp though she does a great job in organizing at the start to get it going with all the paper work & is a volunteer, maybe she could listen to some suggestions instead getting all alpha when someone try's to offer any advise or suggestions. Instead of trying to add more programs maybe she can improve on the ones she has already has going. Pink hats need to go don't like my son being emasculated by a color lol sorry but this is big problem with me & apparently the boys too.

So camp next yr? Did the boys have fun? My son had fun in both camps even when he got injured he is a happy kid that just likes spending time with his friends. Other boys there did not look happy did not want to be there. Whined, cried the whole time. Wanted to go home. How was camp? I asked a couple of our boys from our den when they got home. "Glare" While after a week of girl scout camp girls would be crying leaving the counselors & friends.

We are not planning to attend next yrs cubscout day camp while its not a problem to others how she ran it, I clashed w/her to much. Most people have no gripe cause they have never been to no other camp but this one. I was a counselor & riding director for 4 yrs for the Girl Scouts. I know the current director won't change anything with anyones suggestions I found that out this yr. After day camp my daughter & I were sick for a week from being dehydrated even though we drank water like a camel. They didn't allow Gatorade for the boys though the last two days I started sneaking it in for myself though i felt guilty the boys couldn't have it ;/. My feet were so badly damaged from walking and standing for hours I had to wear a cast on my foot for 5 weeks.

Even if I could manage to change the program in the day camp, my son would only be going one more yr so why bother & bust her happy bubble? Over night camp my husband & the other den leader are looking at another camp to go too next summer plus we will be having some of our own cubscout family camping soon.

It was good experience this yr for us and our son. Hopefully next yr will be better!.