Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fall can't come fast enough

Our pecans are almost done!

Fall is so close to us I can taste it but sure don't feel it in our triple digit weather in Texas. I made announcement to my family this yr I am going to get out our fall stuff really early from the shed. If we can't have cool weather here it will look like fall in our house!

My daughter made these flower arrangements for fall can't wait to put them up.

Well as you can see from the picture above our pecans are almost ready! They will start falling down at the end of Sept and continue to fall till the start of Nov. This is a busy time of yr because I will be out there fighting the squirrels picking them morning & afternoon before the squirrels can get their hands on them! I pick in the afternoon too because the winds we have in the early evening hours will knock some more down and the racoons at night will eat them if I don't. The squirrels are a pain because they only eat the tip of the pecan and leave the rest to rot! Luckily my sheep will find those and finish them off!.

After I have gathered enough I take them into Hondo to get them cracked I learned long ago to do this instead of manually having to do this by hand. Hubby bought me a machine pecan cracker but it still takes one at a time & it takes a long time. I barely have enough time to peel the pecans I have!

I will take these pecans and store for us in a freezer for this coming yr for Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking as well as sell a few & this yr I am going to send some to the soldiers. You would think with 80 trees I would have a ton but not all the tree's are still producing and not every yr the tree's produce.

Everyone thought because of the drought we wouldn't have pecans but with the canal's constantly running the roots of our tree's are constantly getting water. The water runs underground about 3 feet & you will hit water. We found that out the hard way when trying to build our septic tank lol.


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