Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Well we picked a few bags of these mustang grapes this summer, it was about the only thing that grew around our farm this summer. At least I will have jelly to can. We are still waiting on pecan season, that won't be till the end of Sept. All around us Texas is burning up, its getting scary now.

It always rains on my birthday week so I am hoping it follows tradition and rains on my week. My dads been away from this heat, he went to visit family in Calif but now its getting hot in Calif too so its time for him to come home. Not much going on right now, just been hiding out in the house its been too hot to go outside to do anything.

We did wake up early in the morning and started clearing up some of the pecan orchard for pecan picking. I need to prune the roses they say, I've been trying to water when I can, but we have restrictions right now. We need to move some fencing to the garden to cover up my black berries then let the sheep take over the garden, keeping them in there for days will clear the area for our future garden for fall or spring. Thats about it dull Summer. Hot hot.