Friday, January 20, 2012

Plastic Barrels ideas

Just as I love the many ideas of pallets I love barrels too! So I decided to start collecting ideas on how to use barrels.

This is a friend of ours that we just helped build this hydroponic system for her small farm.

Of course these are always great for water catchers!

Check out this DIY book from Amazon on how to build one yourself.

Check out the rain station downspout kit

Here is a link to a guy that made a huge water catcher with the barrels


Movable garden containers


Kids car made out of a barrel cute! 

This forum had a few good ideas for dog houses made out of barrels

So this was harder then I thought collecting these, I would think there were more ideas out there. Just need more time I guess to look.


Electricity: Making windmils out of plastic drums

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