Monday, July 24, 2017

Becoming Healthy Sugar free diet

This is to keep track of my new toxin free diet

This is a combo of Sugar free diet, Intermittent diet. and what they call Paleo and Keto diet. Mostly meats, fats, veggies and some fruit. No processed foods! No calorie counting. Chewing slowly, Drinking lots of Alkaline water. 

Prior two weeks b4 I started, I started to cut down on sugars never ate any past noon especially the desserts, tried a few days not eating after 7pm went on and off with that very hard to do. Tried sugar free diet for a whole month once but got off of it after the month challenge was gone. Felt good during that time, hope to feel that way again.

July 11th Start date with no sugar all day, no process foods. Meats, Veggies only, No calorie counting-July 11-13th Have pretty bad headaches start drinking more water 8oz-6

July 14th Headaches lifted also a kind of haze that I seemed to be in

July 15th the sugar cravings are pretty bad, its all I can think about but on the up side fruit have become my new best friend in moderation of course but the taste is intensify now. Try to keep busy so I wont be thinking of sweets, also had a dream of a straw berry milkshake that I was drinking it lol

Would also like to add the first week of no sugar I had massive hair loss when taking a shower, after the second week it stopped, I think my body just went into shock. 

July 19th Nine days being sugar free I woke up feeling GREAT!!!! started my exercises 1 mile a day walking. 

July 20th started the 7/10am Intermittent fasting diet where you only eat from 10am to 7pm  most people do 11am-7pm but I find I need to go places do things and I cant wait around till 11am to eat so 10am is working good good link to it. This is easier in the morning then at night. I am used to snacking at night so this has been really hard on me. 

Also this is about the time July 20th and 21st that the nightmares started. Two nights of nighmares was wearing me out when I awoke. Luckily after those first two start up days I have been nightmare free.

July 22nd-23rd the hunger pains at night and noise associated with it have started in my stomach. Hubby said and from what I read its my stomach breaking up the food. Need to read more on it, will link up later.

July 24th Marks two weeks sugar free and four days on the Intermittent fasting diet. Lost only 4 lbs but that is about 2 lbs a week so its ok, feel less bloated. Morning and afternoons are better then the evening times, it would help if I could get to bed early but sometimes that is not the case when your a mom and have an elderly father that sleeps all day but is up most the night. It was suggested last night that I find a button pants try it on and go by how I lose that outfit will be on me as time goes by rather then always go by the scale.  Still doing my mile walking I have skipped a few days depending on how I  feel and how much walking I have done that day. Good video on how our fat cells work and why not to go by the scale.  


Buying Fresh fruits, veggies and pasture raised meats is expensive, however once you stop buying processed foods you will find out you will be able to afford this better now.  I found out this last week when I realized I actually had money left over b4 the next payday in my grocery acct.


People been asking me about benefits of Alkaline water I get mine in San Antonio off of Bandera. I find it feels great on my skin I use a small container after taking a shower on my face, I never drink it after 9pm cuz yah it gives me energy and will keep me awake.

Recipe Links:

Salmon with butter, lime juice, honey, cilantro sauce. I also put in shrimp with it as well. Bought four pieces of Salmon at our Local HEB for $16 also if you dont like cilantro try parsley or something else.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Recycled Tires

 Recycled Tires

For years I've never cared for old tires I've seen the same old idea of making it into a colorful planter for plants. Boy have things changed~~

Old Tires have become a work of art like below roses made out of tires


 Planters made more beautiful

Kids playgrounds

House hold use for for the man cave.

Outside Furniture 

Useful use

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