Monday, November 19, 2012

Dehyrdrating/vacuum sealing

 Dehydrated mixed veggies vacuum sealed.

We have an Excalibur no complaints other then that it makes a loud humming noise which drives me crazy, luckily it works fast unlike my old Ronco one that will take more then a few days, but at least my Ronco is quiet, I usually use it for drying my herbs.

My new vacuum seal attachment works great on the jars, I prefer the wide mouth lid one, so I am trying now to buy wide mouth jars I just think it works a whole lot better & more room. This works best for dried foods, it does not replace canning. Nuts, flour, grains, it works great on.

Its best to keep these kind of foods out of sunlight, I usually vacuum seal them, then put them in a dark container with a gamma lid. This picture on top I will be  using in the next couple of months so they are here to be pretty :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Its almost time for Turkey Processing. This year we are doing a little differently and going to have a class on raising and processing turkeys. I am hoping its a big hit. We only have a slot for 8 people we might do more but we still have regular customers to consider who don't care to see the processing.

Its been an interesting year raising turkeys and pigs the same time, lots more work but its been fun. The pigs are at the butcher should be getting it back soon so we can send it to get smoked and cured. Turkeys havent been to much trouble except when they were little they committed mass suicide and jumped in a feeder can that someone got left open and smothered each other b4 I could find them :(

I like working with the Bronze they are calm as I call them the Zen birds. Nov 10th is processing time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Little piggie went to the market

I've had in the past animals that were picky mostly my cats but I swear these pigs are the ultimate queen and kings of being picky. I've tried all the pig feed that they have at the feed store for pigs and they turn their nose up at it., preferring only slop from inside our house & corn.  My husband said, they will get hungry they will eat it, NOPE instead they break out of their pen and escape.

One day we came home to find the dogs and pigs greeting us at the front gate..sigh.. so husband bought some strong fencing and fenced in half the field that needed to be fenced still, for awhile they were really happy, tearing up the fenced in area grass & tilling our land for us, then they started to escape again, not only that they ignore us as we try to get them back in the pen.

I thought goats were bad, I keep having to mend in the fence, they knocked over the electric fence we had up so its full of mud now & hubby hasnt had the time to put it back up. We measured them unfortunately they are not ready for the market yet :(  I did manage to find some feed, its a mesh of oat, wheat, milo, corn all mixed in one, I have added corn to it and some dog food cuz they seem to really like the dog food mix it all with water. The feed seems to be working now, I just wish I could put them in the field again so they can pasture range.

I admit they sort of scare me and the nose they make is like a dino calling its freaky. I have no qualms what so ever taking them to the market. Lesson learned on raising pigs, we plan to raise more but not sure on raising them for breeding we will see. this is a good recipe for rendering pork fat. I can't wait!! also for the pecans and pork chops!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Husband and I have been fascinated by the Bali houses for awhile now. Bali houses or cottages are little houses connected to each other. This one is in a compound but bali houses have been separated with no walls. If we did something like this we would use vines & trees to shield ourself's from other to give us some privacy.  

Each house has its own function. You have lil cottages that you sleep in only with bathroom, then you have a separate kitchen & another for a dining room. You might have another for your living room/entertainment center, yet another for storage. I can see this as either family living or living with other family members or friends & sharing the kitchen, entertainment cottages. You could even have a separate one for laundry.

Most have lil cottages have side walks that connect them. We would put over a cover of some sort so on the days it rained we wouldn't get so wet.

Another great thing about the Little houses is that if you buy some land you can build this slowly, one room at a time. Instead of getting into debt you just build what you can from materials donated or bought frugally  someplace.

I hope to see more of these in the future.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mulch and more Mulch

Yup today they brought us some mulch so I can plant around our berry bushes. We wont be able to put it on till Sunday since this Saturday is our big Blue & Gold for the cubscout, but I wanted to share with everyone.

It was around 22yrds for $350 I didnt think they were going to fit in that tiny little entry but the guy was a great truck driver and drove in pretty easily. Beautiful day today to have them deliver this I am so excited!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New improved mobile chicken coop

So hubby has redid our new chicken/turkey mobile. He added the water and feeder to the outside of the coop instead now. This means I don't have to go into the coop anymore on feedings. I am really happy with this coop. It just needs the pulls in front to help pull it and I am all set.

As you can see its already being put to full use. We got the 4-H broilers we bought from someone in there now. Hoping to keep them in there a few more weeks to eat some grass get fresh air etc..b4 we have to butcher them.

Today on National Geographic we watched a show called Dooms day preppers. What a neat show on prepping. Some people may think they are a bunch of nuts but I think it was a good show to help show how to prepare for any kind of emergency not just the end of doomsday.

I have what some people might call a Bug out bag in my car, to me its just a emergency bag with essentials in case we get stuck & have to start to walk home. One of the things I learned tonight to add to my pack is some dry socks put in baggies. The kids and I almost wear the same kind now so this is good especially if our feet get wet you need to keep dry feet.

Another good tip I learned tonight was on preserving eggs & cheese. This comes in handy not only for prep food in case of emergency but also when my chickens lay a lot in spring I can now store them with mineral oil for months if kept cool, this way in winter when they stop laying I will have some eggs available.

Also learned I can buy cheese from store, and wax it for longer life. Wow didnt know about that I need to learn more. Her site is awesome and if you live in Utah you need to go see her and take her courses.

Will I watch them again. Heck yes! Can't wait for the next show. I kid hubby and tell him we will be on the next show next yr. What are we prepping for? To be self sufficient on our farm so don't rely on store bought product for foods is our main goal, this way we will be ready for any emergency that may come are way just have a better fruitful life is all we want.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Paleo Diet should be called the Farmers diet 

Paleo Diet should be called the Farmers diet
NOTE: It became so big here I decided to create my own Paleo blog to keep track to read more on this diet check out...

My husband and I started the Paleo diet for 30days another name they like to call it is the "Cave man diet" I think more of it as the "Farmers diet". The main reason I call it this is because most of the stuff you will be eating can be found on a farm like meat, veggies nuts & berries, so unless you live on a farm or fish a lot this diet can be pretty expensive. To keep it frugal you need to have some connections or know how to get this stuff other then the super market......No wheat, Pasta, beans etc..

The diet consist of a lot of lean meats of fish, chicken, some lean pork, all kinds of veggies, fruits & nuts (except peanuts) To help on this quest of our for 30 days maybe longer I bought myself a "Superwave oven" sort of like the Nuwave oven but it was cheaper plus it had a glass dome not plastic, I despise plastic. I am cooking everything in it so far its coming out really good. I did try to make turkey bacon in it, I don't think it came out that well. I made sweet potato fry's my family loved them.

So we have taken out of our diet all processed foods & sugars trying to eat more raw as possible.
We have also omitted dairy some people worry about not having calcium but I am not too worried about that right now since we eat a lot of green leafy stuff which will substitute for it, if we do drink milk its raw milk so easy for our stomachs to digest.  After 30 days I will bring back on cheese & yogurt but I really want to make my own from raw milk.

As for the meat luckily a few months ago I stocked up on pasture raised ground meat from a farmer, our fridge is loaded with lamb meat, & I just purchased 21 broilers from a 4-H boy. We are going to keep them on grass for a few weeks to get them healthier. We have pigs that will be ready for the butcher in May along with some stew chickens. I checked out our local flea market on Sat and can find veggies/fruits there a lot cheaper then I do at HEB our local food store.

I have tons of pecans to eat so I have bought some other nuts to mix them up with them for snacks. It is going to be expensive buying all the vegetables right now till we can get our garden growing again.

Some say this is a lot like the atkins I disagree since they encourage you to eat lots of veggies and fruit.  We plan to add a little more carbs with Gluten free products after the 30days. Its going back to the basics like I said a "Farmers diet" Note: My husband is following the book completely and more likely he will lose faster then I will, he has omitted fruit from his diet for the first 30days. I am trying to eat it only in the morning sometimes for snack. I need some kind of sugar or I will go mad! lol 


Ways to save on the Paleo diet: (Will be adding more as I continue)
Check craigslist: Farmers advertise there as well as individual people on selling stuff. Check out the "Farm Garden section"
Check out local farmers market. Eat whats in season.
Raise your own chickens most cities will allow so many chickens in your area check out your State regulations.
Barter with a friend who likes to fish. 
Find a whole cow, pig, lamb on craigslist and go halfs with another family tell them to take to butcher for you. (Make sure you know how the animal was raised)
Join real foods group look for them locally thru facebook or yahoogroups.


Special Note: When I first started this I didnt realize I was going to have such a withdrawal from sugar & that my body was going to get sick from detoxing. By the second day I thought I was going to crawl out of my skin it was then I realized I addicted I was to sugar! By the third day i was fine full of energy. Fourth day i started to get sick with what I thought was a cold aches, pains, sneezing like crazy, nose running. So for the fourth, Fifth & Sixth day I treated it like a cold. I took more vitamin C but I took cold meds at night cuz I couldnt sleep.

By the seventh day it was completely gone its then I realized it wasn't a cold but my body detoxing. If I had only know it was my body detoxing I would have skipped the cold meds and drank more herbal teas and water. So this is warning to all who may start this it may not be that your getting sick but your body detoxing.Two weeks into it I tried to sneak a capachino drink & I thru it up and had stomach pains all day I guess that goes to show that my body doesen't really want that sugar anymore. The body knows what it really wants!

Recipes I am putting on other site when I have more time:

Paleo Recipe sites:

Paleo Blog site:

Gathering recipes for the super bowl


Gluten free sites:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Plastic Barrels ideas

Just as I love the many ideas of pallets I love barrels too! So I decided to start collecting ideas on how to use barrels.

This is a friend of ours that we just helped build this hydroponic system for her small farm.

Of course these are always great for water catchers!

Check out this DIY book from Amazon on how to build one yourself.

Check out the rain station downspout kit

Here is a link to a guy that made a huge water catcher with the barrels


Movable garden containers


Kids car made out of a barrel cute! 

This forum had a few good ideas for dog houses made out of barrels

So this was harder then I thought collecting these, I would think there were more ideas out there. Just need more time I guess to look.


Electricity: Making windmils out of plastic drums

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