Sunday, October 28, 2012

Its almost time for Turkey Processing. This year we are doing a little differently and going to have a class on raising and processing turkeys. I am hoping its a big hit. We only have a slot for 8 people we might do more but we still have regular customers to consider who don't care to see the processing.

Its been an interesting year raising turkeys and pigs the same time, lots more work but its been fun. The pigs are at the butcher should be getting it back soon so we can send it to get smoked and cured. Turkeys havent been to much trouble except when they were little they committed mass suicide and jumped in a feeder can that someone got left open and smothered each other b4 I could find them :(

I like working with the Bronze they are calm as I call them the Zen birds. Nov 10th is processing time.

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