Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shrink bags

We used the shrink bags this week during Turkey processing time andreally liked them. Our customers said they looked very professionalthey loved them. Last year we tried using the small vacuum sealer andthat took a lot of time (very messy & frustrating), it was betterthan not doing anything to the bags at all. We wanted thosecommercial vacuum sealers but they cost around $4000 on up aroundhere. We will let you know in a couple of months how they handle inthe freezer.Here is what we did and it seemed to work.

We made sure the turkeys were well drained of any water this is very important. After processing we sanitized our homemade scalder once more and gotthe temperature to 180-200 degrees then husband held on to the top ofthe bags, at this time we did NOT twist them at all we just held onto the top. He did not submerge the turkey all the way.He then dunked til it sealed at the bottom without any air really.Then he pulled it out twisted it and I put the hog ring pins on withthe pliers and closed it shut tight. Hubby then turned it around anddunked it the other way just a bit to seal the other side.

This takestwo people one to hold the turkey up and the other to put the ringson with pliers.We found doing it this way kept the air out and we didn't poke anyholes anywhere. It went really fast. Done.Notes:1. Use those long oven gloves that can take the heat, should worknicely so you won't burn yourself with the scalder, better safe thansorry.2. Here is a picture of the finished product. We will be using thoseshrink bags again next time I highly recommend them if don't alreadyhave a commercial vacuum sealer.

It will save you tons $. Very important: our biggest bird was only 18 lbs which was reallygood because our customers want 18 lb and lower. On the site it saysLarge Turkey (20-25 lb) bags well it barely fit our 18 lb it did notget us enough room on top to twist. I doubt it would fit a larger 20lb they must have went by some really skinny birds. Next time we aregoing to also order some of the Extra large 20-25 lb bags for themore hefty ones.4. Here is the farm where we ordered the bags they are hard to get ahold of because they are a working farm so don't order at the lastmin they will return your call when they can.

Thanks for my Pasture Poultry group for sharing this site with me y'all I hope others will benefit from the bags as well. Hog rings and pliers they have them at the website to buy, if youcan find them cheaper look around we found ours at our local Tractorsupply store but we were lucky it was the last ones left due tohunters grabbing all the others.Sam/Moderator

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