Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kids Chores and money

I have a hard time giving my kids money for home chores. I give my daughter a modest allowance biweekly when we get paid. Its not for doing chores around the house its just allowance because we love her and we want her to save and handle money wisely.

Doing chores around the house is part of all families duties and I really dont think kids should get paid for it. My daughter chores are pick up trash with help of her brother. Put dishes away in dishwasher or counter if I can't get to them. Wash, fold and put away her own clothes. Keep her room cleaned, feed her own cat sometimes the other house cats or outside cats if her Pa'Pa is away and cant do it. She helps me dust and fold the towels sometimes.

My son hasnt got an allowance yet he is 8yrs but he is just understanding about money right now I am teaching it at co-op and he is one of my students. He puts away his own clothes and pick up his room, helps sissy with trash, feeds his dog sometimes his sisters dog if she is away for the night and her fishes as well.

We all work together, when daughter wants to earn a bit more money I have her do things for extra like , pair up her fathers socks and put them in drawer for $1 I hate doing this and hubby likes them together...mine arent they are clean but I dont have time to pair them up blaaaa...hahaha

She cleans the inside of my car for a few dollars although picking up trash in car is not one of the things she gets paid for because that is required to keep the back seat clean that's where her and her brother sit.

She has to dust and clean the fabric and dashboard of the car. Sometimes when her brother rooms is sooooo messy I can't get him to even start because he is so lost I have her help and direct him a bit.


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