Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pantry all organized

So after 3 pay days I finally got my pantry organized the first week I had it organized I saved $50 on shopping because I didnt buy extra stuff. The last couple of paydays I was buying in bulk or extra stuff because I wanted to be ready just in case of hard times coming ahead. I had no idea though what I have now I do I am soooo proud.

I am cleaning off my kitchen table next and my pantry for my cans next. I have a microwave in it that I only use once a year so I am thinking of putting it away till Christmas time and using it for my computer and other stuff.

Well its almost turkey process time. My dad has been helping clean up the farm and I have been trying to help when I can. He made a mistake of burning some grasss which almost gave me a heart attack lol. Can you imagine your going to have people come over and they are going to see burnt grass....sigh anyways took care of that problem with a little sweat I put in some of my compost around it, I couldnt use it anyways my dad made it posion by putting in round up spray around it..sigh again. What can I say my dad loves chemical sprays.

The sheep have been busy clipping the grass which is good they will hit the spots where the grass is high so we don't have to pull out the weeds. There is so much to do still, this weekend we are going to my husbands company picnic, which is free, Free food, free prizes, free cant beat that and all the dessert you can eat.

Hubby pulled out the hive didnt get stung thank goodness the other day he really got them mad shaking their box trying to get it lose they stung him 3 times but he is kind of allergic so he was down for a whole day just feeling really bad.
Well got to get going, we are going to football game tonight, then tomorrow is my daughters anime meeting.


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