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Speech Problems Homeschooling Kids-Texas

As most insurance companys they usually only carry kids up to 5yrs with speech problems then they think the public schools are going to help so they cut you off. Public schools must do a evaulation on the kids its the law. They can make exceptions for homeschoolers but they dont have too. Yes I know we pay their school taxes yet they dont have to help us if they dont want too. Pretty sad. So you be nice to them and see if they have room to help you on the side or if you want to have full speech therapy you need to enroll full time.

My son has a speech problem where he forgets to make his "S" Sounds and forgets the "D" sounds in the middle. He talks too fast so it comes out mumble. Every year I kept hoping it would get better he is 8 yrs now and it hasnt gotten much better but at least we can understand him, others can't which he has a hard time making friends because of that plus he is behind in his studys. How could I get him to read when I cant even get him to say his ABC out loud.

Our insurance cut us off so we have to look for alternatives. I called THSC they were not much help they directed me to a volunteer site which the most information all I got was that they were extremely busy and they volunteered but if you have a question feel free to ask them. So I did and in response I got was the same thing they volunteer and are extremely busy good grief. Yes well I got that why dont you even have links to your site at least!

So I spent hours trying to find the information I needed. To help myself and others I plan to put them here and perhaps send to THSC for others. I feel alone right now.

Here is a list of Texas Speech Schools they have direct links to their school so you can find out if you can qualify to take your kids there. Most have a flat rate fee but if your low income they might offer classes for less. They have a l ot more to offer so I am going to contact them next to see what they can do to help me. I will update later.

Texas Speech Language Hearing Association-List of Schools

San Antonio offers Our Lady of the Lake University

At the time I write this the cost for evaluation is $175 flat rate fee -$55 for each hour taught which is about $100 less then the place my insurance used to pay.

It goes before a board the paperwork you do and it works by semester so the sooner we do this the better. If your lower income it might be cheaper. We are middle class so I doubt it for us.


Update: Letter finally from THSC dated Friday/Oct 24

Dear Samantha,

I am sorry you have not been able to find any assistance with your son's speech problems.

Since July 1, 2001, public schools have not been required to provide special education services to home school students. Then Texas Education Commissioner Jim Nelson confirmed this in a letter to THSC in March, 2001. "Public schools may still choose to provide special education services to private school students on a part-time basis if they wish, but they will no longer be required to do so," he said.

This is the result of changes in the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in 1997 and the federal regulations issued in 1999. The 1997 regulations required public schools to "provided special education and related services designed to meet the needs of private school children with disabilities residing in [its] jurisdiction."

However, the new regulations state, "No private school child with a disability has an individual right to receive some or all of the special education and related services that the child would receive if enrolled in a public school."
According to Commissioner Nelson, public schools are now required to spend a portion of their IDEA funds to provide for participation for private school children with disabilities.

However, "the type of services and manner in which they are provided are to be determined by the local school district based on consultations with appropriate representatives of private school children with disabilities." Commissioner Nelson concluded by saying, "Those students will receive only those services that can be supported by federal funds..."

We would encourage you to contact the school district and ask them to meet with you concerning how they can help you with the special needs of your child as a "representative of private school children with disabilities."
Hope this is helpful.



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