Friday, October 3, 2008

Shot Friday-More Anime

Well we just got back from San Antonio where the kids had to get shots updated. The girlscout group wanted a copy of my daughters shot record and when I went to get it out I noticed some of it was missing, so when I called to get it they said by the way......

My daughters eyes watered up but she didnt cry, my son did I had to hold him down for the second one plus they got the mist flu shot. They hated it. I myself would rather get it as a shot then shot up my nose. They tried to get me to give my daughter that cervic cancer one ummm its for girls with risk of cancer from having intercourse...I told them no, they looked at me...she is guarded more then fortknox hahaha please......she is not even allowed to date yet. Not saying there is anything against it but its farily new so I want to wait to see what happens. I wouldnt even give my kids the chicken pox shots till it was out for a few years.

To make up for the torture I put them through that morning I took them to Dennys where they could have breakfast served to them other then mommy :) We then hit the thrift shop on the way back looking for yet another Anime costume for my daughter, this time I told her we are making it not buying it she agreed.

Her character has 4 pony tails, black dress with v neck (we couldnt find so we got blouse and skirt) We got material that looks like it was part of a curtain (red) to make around her waist. The shoes are the one thing I am worried about finding and the huge fan she is suppose to have too.

I wish I could afford to just buy it for her but its just not possible we are trying to save as much as we can right now and its coming out of my allowance money.

Not much going on for the weekend there is Oct Fest in one of our nearby towns but that usually cost money. I would freely give it if I had it :)

I had lost my coupon books awhile back so I had to do another, while trying to find my blouse I had just bought that was on sale I found it....but still havent found my blouse sigh...I am so disorganized right now so much going through my head.

I have a homeschool magazine write me for an interview about my postcard group they want a picture but I need to wait for my hubby (takes awful pic, sorry honey) or my sister to come to take it for us to send to them. My editor that buys my homeschool articles wants some comments from me for her updated books she is doing so I need to do that too.

I have been working on my ebook again I printed it out to be able to look at it better then on the computer so its slow going havent had much time but at night when the kids are asleep to work on it. I really want to get this out soon I think its a good time to introduce it.

I need to reread my ebook on how to get it out again. I need to find an artist and I need to get it edited.



AutumnLeavz said...

Hey there,
Stopping by to check out your blog.
That is so cool that you are a writer. What is your ebook about? (If you don't mind telling, if it isn't top secret) :)
Best of luck with it!

Sam said...

Actually it is a secret, you might have to disapear if I told you haha but I will tell you it has to do with Homeschooling and fugal, fun :)