Thursday, October 9, 2008

Clean Clean why cant I clean

Well for days now I have been trying to clean the house I had it in my mind that was going to organize some more but with just doing basic chores, trying to get some homeschool in and doing extra stuff like trying to sale our lamb and rest of the turkeys its been impossible.

I have only been able to do the basic stuff like keep dishes clean, sweep floors and do the laundry. We found out this week was the last week to get our lambs in before our butcher shuts the door on us livestalk people and open up for only deer hunters and this will go on till January.

Poor deer ....well....maybe...but have you ever had deer meat and did I mention we will be getting some really low cost deer meat from our butcher at the end of deer season :) It seems that after deer season hunters will take their kill there but wont pick it up or varies reason, no room, no money or wife says no WAY! anyways thats low cost deer meat for us.

We bought our tickets to Washington state for Thanksgiving my husband is really excited he hasnt seen his family in a long time and while I am excited too I am a bit worried because I need a suitcase, I need warm pants because I really dont own that many living in Texas :) Tommy needs some pants too, Miranda needs a jacket...sigh the list goes on and we have only 3 more paydays. Looks like I am hitting the thrift shops.

With this economy right now its pretty scary I was having doubts but hubby and I sat down talking about our finances and I am feeling much better now, things are not so bad with us at least. Its funny we are able to invest in our retirement but I hardly have any money for clothes for us right now.

Well need to sign off to go do dishes to go to bed.

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AutumnLeavz said...

I keep saying the same's time for a deep clean and re-organizing...but it never happens! Maybe one of these days! :)