Saturday, October 25, 2008

Company Picnic

Oh what fun we had today as my husbands company had their annual picnic it’s still good to see things normal even with these hard times everyone is going through right now. Gas is almost back to normal so it wasn’t too much as we headed out to the beautiful hillcountry to this one ranch.

My husband and my two kids along with me and dad tagged along. When we first got their we were starved because we had only oatmeal for breakfast knowing we would eat like pigs for this thing we saved room in our stomachs hahaha

Mini hamburgers, hotdogs, quesada’s, B-Q chicken, sausage on a stick and beef sandwiches, chulupas or some people call them tostadas depending on if you’re from Calif or Texas. They had corn on the cob, potatoes salad, cole slaw, salads with watermeon, to drink they had sodas of all kinds, lemonade, punch, coffee, hot chocolate, water. I noticed they didn’t have bottle water this year just the water in the jugs. For Desert they had smores with a camp fire to cook your marshmallows, cookies, brownies, candy apples, and the Swans truck was there with all kinds of ice cream as much as you can eat they kept trying to push it on everyone that went by it was funny.

For entertainment they had a small 30 min rodeo, which was fun they had a cowboy roper and he made everyone laugh with his jokes as well as his gimmicks along with bull riding and barrel racing. They had Texas poker and bingo and they all had cash prizes of $50-$175 certificates. I really tried and I came close to it but I didn’t win too many other lucky people there with their troop of kids hahaha-no fair. Mine were off to the rides, Tons of bouncing things and two rock climbing walls, hayrides, usually fishing but the creek was dry. Freesbie toss, all kinds of rides my kids kept going on them till they were green in the face especially with all that food I am surprised they didn’t barf.

Best of all it was 5 hours of fun with the family and it was all FREE!!! Did I mention it was FREE!!! My husband company also hosts a Christmas night out with a big band and free food for the adults only, for years I didn’t go because hubby didn’t tell me who was playing he just said you want to go to Christmas party? I am like hmmm I don’t think so…. but he forgot to always mention the big hits bands that were playing I thought it was some DJ or something. Like last year it was Chicago then the year before that it was Journey I Think. That’s a big thing not to mention!

So once a year now hubby and I leave the kids with whoever we can and we dress up in beautiful clothes that we only wear once a year hahaha and we get a hotel room and we party all night long. Can’t wait to see who is playing next.

Well its 11:40 here I need to get to bed my allergy’s are killing me I need sleep! It was a beautiful day thanks Lord for making it normal and a blessing that we could take my dad with us.

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