Friday, October 17, 2008


Ok, so while trying to do my cleaning this last few weeks I am trying to organize as well. I find that as I organized its like losing pounds of worry off my mind if that makes sense. Also its been helping me with my diet....oh I hate to say that word....ummmm healthy living choices is much better.

When I think of dieting I think of starving myself it has such a negative impact on the mind the word especially if you are trying to do that for years. I bought a white magetic board for my bathroom to encourage myself, its the first thing I see in the morning and so far I saw it and got encouraged so I am drinking water as I type this right now.

1. Take Vitamins (Check)
2. Take Garlic Pill (Check)
3. Drink Water (Check on 1 -8 oz 1/2 4 oz of water
4. Exercise (Going outside in a min to do chores and walk around the grounds I wish my peodeometer was working!
5. Eat slowly today (noted)
6. Nightly stretch ritual in bathroom before bath

Last night I bought shoe box size containers and put the jello in one, pudding in another, sauce mixes in another, hot cereal in yet another. Also have two one for tea and the other for different flavor teas. I will take a picture of it when I can. Speaking of picture I am keeping an eye out for cameras. I really want a new one for our trip as well as for taking pictures for my ebook and website my old one is soooo blurrrry lately and its only a 4pix.

The one I am looking at has 8 pix and has a mini video camera with sound :)

Well lots to do this morning. I got us an hair appointment with our hollywood hair dresser. I call her that because when we get our hair done it feels like we are movie stars hahaha...yah she is that good, she is expensive but you get what you pay for which is why we dont do it very often.


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