Thursday, November 6, 2008

Its family time soon

We have only a week and half before our trip to Washington state happens wow where did time fly? I still have to rent our car which we have been holding back on deciding which one to get with chance of snow coming up through the path.

I am so glad the turkeys are taken care of, next week will be the last class for Co-op and the last class for my daughters calligraphy class. Then its washing, packing and preparing for two weeks of family visiting.

I look forward on seeing Seatle I have always wanted to go there we might not go their the first few days but on the way back hubby promised me a few days there :) should be really fun.

Thank goodness the election is over I really had a sour stomach the night of the election, I am sure things will change but not all for the good. I am a real conservative with certain values that I think is dieing with people in America. I can only be thankful Texas is still a good ol republican state for how long?

I don’t know it was really close in our state however looking locally I looked at our local election and it was McCain 10,404 votes, Democratic 2,396, Libertarian Party 75 seems the cities seem to have more democrats. I will pray for Obama he has a lot to tackle and with some crazy supporters thinking he is going to personally take care of them.

Did anyone see the one on youtube with the supporter saying she would be so happy if he was elected because she wouldn’t have to worry about filling up her gas or paying her mortgage? Good grief.

Enough I am tired. Going to take a nap for a bit then start on dinner and chores was out this morning to try to get my dad another cell phone, pick up daughter then shop a bit I am pooped. Driving to San Antonio makes a person sleepy J

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