Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Water Water and More Water

Great article "Healing with water" http://www.naturalnews.com/003202.html I actually have one of the books he mentions. Its a hard read but lots of interesting points. I ordered one more of his so I hope its an easier read.

If I drink juice I only drink like 8 oz same for milk. I have been drining a lot of water. If I go out I ask for half/half sweet tea. Hopefully someday i will cut out the sweet part. The first week I couldnt stop going to the bathroom lol but now its a lot better the girls from walkertracker said it would get better they were not wrong.

Makes a lot of sense the water study. I am two days into my week three since I have started to do my new life style of losing weight by eating better and exercising by walking more. Week three is when I start to slow down get tired of it all, but so far so good I feel great, I feel like I lost tons but in reality if you count during Thanksgiving when I started following Pauls Advice I have lost a total of 9 lbs.

I sure don't look like it but I do see the puffiness in my face gone and my clothes do seem to fit a lot better. My two sisters on the other hand who are following the weight watchers plan the first week one loses a lot like 8 lbs the other like 6 lbs. I am happy for them I wish I could lose more then the little 2 lbs I lost the first week and 1 lb the next but its a good progress and I am not really counting points just eating normal. As I told the nurse who runs my walking program, "its not the quality of food I eat it was the quantity of food I eat"

For over a year now since I started writing my ebook I have switched to better foods for my family. Wheat products, more veggies and fruits in our diet. I keep track of what I eat seeing what the calories are at "Sparks page" but I am not too worried about the calories as long as I eat slow and chew and enjoy.

My walking is doing good I'am keeping with my goal of 10,000 steps a day. If you can see by my walker tracker blog on the side of this page my average is actually 11,000 a day. At 10,000 thats five miles a day. I have gone to the work out class in our nearby town where they work as a group to a video Monday and Thursday. Its fun but the last time I went no one was there but the nurse teacher. Today I didnt go time flew by but I did work out with my daughter. Its good muscle class I think daughter wants to do it more often so I just might.

Sisters want me to switch to weight watchers they keep asking me about it. I know they are excited about it. Perhaps they think I should lose more then what I am losing but its fine really. I am feeding not only myself but my family as well, this is a perm change for all of us. I can't be eating lean cruisine like they are for ever. No they don't eat this all the time I note this because they might yell at me if they read this blog hahaha. Its just that I have others I have to feed and I need to do it right. Besides its great for my future ebook.

My scale sort of broke the other day it got stuck I was wondering why it wasnt moving lol. Of course I got a nice new digital one and it put me 5 lbs more then I thought. Of course with hubby he is excited it put him slimmer then he thought.

It was a shock to me my 5 extra pounds but its not like I gained it when I started this life style change its just that I didnt take an accurate reading in the first place. So this Sunday when I weight myself I might have lost more then 1 lb but who knows. I will have at least an accurate reading next Sunday plus I measured my self too.

Farm Life:

3 born new lambs. One lost so it would have been 4
Kids registration for co-op this coming Monday
Walking 5 miles 10,000 steps a day still

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