Friday, April 17, 2009

April showers

Well we finally got some rain today. As you can see its making everything really green around our farm. Well Easter is finally over we had a really nice party despite the greyness of the day the kids had a good time. I am not sure we are having it next year maybe just the dinner because we had do many people leave to go to another party.

The only reason we started having it was because the family really had no where to go but it seems they do now. Our church has an annual easter party we might just do that instead and a really nice dinner for us.

Not much more going on around here, the sheep are out on the pasture now because it grew the grass a bit. The babys are especially getting fatter. We bought our airline tickets to Disney world for May we are really excited about going. Airline tickets, hotel, tickets to disney world, all we need now is a rental car.

Everything of course is going to be paid cash. We are staying for 6 nights 5 days. One day we are just heading to the beach for the day and have some fun and look around Florida should be fun. One day we are at Magic Kingdom two days at Epcot and the last at the Animal Kingdom.

Doing well with my coupons might be looking for another place to carry coupons the leather one is a bit heavy and awkward to carry.


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Laura said...

May is coming up! Is the Disney trip still planned?