Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My price Book

Ok it took me a while to do this but I think its the way I want it. I tried putting it in excel but I really didnt like it and I wanted people to download it easily and not everyone has excels. I am going to make a lot of copys and put it in a notebook.

Hopefully I will remember to take it with me when I go grocery shopping.

I had looked at all sorts of videos on price books and other downloadable pricebooks although I got some great ideas I didnt want to use theirs at all I wanted it to go across my list not downwards. There is a nice video one on "Type in Price Book" I tried looking in youtube didnt see any I guess I should add my own.

I had one a few years ago I really liked it and I kept up with it but it didnt feel right going downards on the list. Also the first time I did it I spent two weeks adding things and forgot a major thing to add and that was size.

I also wanted to add date this time around too. I will let you know how it turns out.


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ModernTraditionalWife said...

Thanks, that's very helpful. That's one of my projects, trying to get mine done!