Thursday, July 16, 2009

Canning Tomatoes

Canning Tomatoes

These are notes for myself for when I have to process them again

Mistakes and Suggestions:

Make sure kitchen sink and counter are clean not only work space but you need use the sink a lot too. This took the longest time because I didn’t have things cleaned off first.

Make sure to find the right size pans for the quart or pint jars with the wire bottom so they won’t be touching the bottom of pan

Don’t underestimate the size of jar the Quart jars take in a lot! Check the tips of it to make sure not broken and bottoms!

Pan & Lid

Tongs that hold the jar


Don’t use chopping block too messy use bowl so you can use the juice to put in jars that are not that full.

Bag of ice on hand

Start to bowl water for cans when you are done blanching the tomatoes it takes a long time to boil water. You don’t want it boiling when you put it in though because it might crack, needs to be in there as it boils.
Also in jars 2 tablespoons of lemon juice 1 tsp of salt per quart jar.

Takes about 30 seconds or longer to blanch the tomatoes keep an eye on them some take longer than others as it starts to pull away the skin is the best time.

45min for 6/7 quart jars. 12 hours to rest and let pop the lid

Would have liked to add some color

Before sealing the lid put a something in the side of inside of jar to get air out.

You may remove the ring when done if you want, press in the middle to make sure if its sealed and won’t easily come off.

If anyone knows of some kind of colorful herb I can put in the jars without the taste going crazy with it let me know.



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